The New New Things in m Health Text Messaging

As a follow up to our chapter about reaching teens and young adults in the HIMSS book, mHealth Innovation: Best Practices from the Mobile Frontier (HIMSS Books, 2014), we were asked to blog about some of the other new things we’re seeing in the m Health space regarding text messaging. We have a lot of public m health research programs targeting the younger demographic using our text message surveys software for data collection purposes as well as SMS reminders and alerts. In the blog, we discuss uses in clinical research, alerts, reminders and even touch on gamification via text messaging for improved outcomes through rewards systems and other game functions.

Notably, clinical trial patients tend to be in an older demographic, but 45 to 65-year-olds being the fastest growing “texter” demographic, we’re seeing more and more interest in pharma clinical trials, including a trial about to start, utilizing our dosing reminders for their patient population. We’ll do a follow-up blog post soon talking about how clinical trials benefit from using text messaging for an older patient population very soon.

Link to the full article below:
The New New Things in m Health Text Messaging


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