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Why clinical trial recruitment is so hard, and one solution: Patient education
Focused on patient education efforts the article highlights what is critical in helping bump up enrollment figures.

Engaging Patients: It’s A Risk If You Do And A Risk If You Don’t
Keeping the patient engaged will be the surest way to improve drug development and get past the old paradigms of working with patients.

6 Factors To Consider When Adopting mHealth For Clinical Trials
New technologies are poised to simplify trials, create a better patient experience, and hopefully bring down the high cost of trials.

How wearables and mobile health tech are reshaping clinical trials
mHeath solutions and wearable devices promise to significantly change how trials are conducted and increase the value of the data and insights that come out of these trials.

e-Recruiting: How mobile technology impacts how we recruit and retain subjects
mHealth offers tremendous opportunities for making it easier to stay engaged throughout the study and provides avenues for collecting higher quality data.

Technology And Data Collection: What Has The Potential To Transform Clinical Trials?
The Internet, social media, electronic data collection, and mobile tech can reduce the time, effort, and cost of gathering data and improve the experience for trial participants.

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