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Mosio Announces Digital Gift Codes for Research Participant Incentives

Mosio Announces Simple Digital Incentives to its Award Winning Patient Engagement Platform Clients can reward deserving participants with this innovative text messaging platform feature Seattle, WA - December 27, 2017 Mosio, a top…
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Mosio Announces mPIN™ Technology for Clinical Research

Mosio Announces mPIN™ Technology for Clinical Research Text messaging platform feature confirms and verifies study participants during mobile communications Seattle, WA (PRWEB) — September 28, 2017 Today, Mosio, a mobile solutions…
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🌷 Patient Recruitment and Retention News: Improve Patient Enrollment

Spring into action with the lastest tips in Patient Recruitment and Retention News! Mosio Exclusive: How to Build Your Database for Patient Recruitment One of the ways we can get a head start on patient recruitment is by having a robust…
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👊💥 Breakthrough patient recruitment initiatives and getting more referrals

Patient Recruitment and Retention News Don't be left out in the cold this winter, keep up with the latest trends in Patient Recruitment and Retention News! Mosio Exclusive: Text Messaging: The Ultimate Tool For BYOD In Clinical Trials “Bring…
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Text Messaging: The Ultimate Tool for BYOD in Clinical Trials

"Bring your own device", or BYOD, is becoming a new trend in clinical trials. Sponsors, CROs, and investigators are starting to realize the ease and utility that BYOD brings to trial planning and operation. In a recent study by Icon, the…
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April News: 7 Recruitment Tips and the Transformation of Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment and Retention News - Apr 2016 April showers bring more your clinical trials! Stay up to date with what’s trending in Patient Recruitment and Retention News.  Mosio Exclusive: First and foremost, Join…
Patient engagement in a clinical trial

Increase Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial via Two-Way Text Messaging Software

Word-of-mouth plays a key role in the success of any medical office and in increasing Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial. Need a doctor in a new specialty? Ask your current office whom they would recommend. Looking to switch doctors? Ask…
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Clinical Trial Patient Surveys via SMS: Measuring Satisfaction, Participation Interest, and More in Clinical Trials

During a clinical trial, patients are stepping out on a limb to test a new medication or medical device. The experience from the first time that a patient participates in a trial will determine if the patient participates in future trials. In…