Last week, Noel Chandler, CEO and Co-Founder of Mosio, gave a Webinar for PatientWise titled “Using Mobile Technology for Patient Recruitment and Patient Retention.”

Starting with an overview of mobile phones and usage statistics, Noel focuses on the various aspects of mobile technology that can be utilized for clinical trials as well as patient retention and recruitment. Listen as Noel delves into simple, but highly effective, ways to reach out to potential patients (patient recruitment) and stay in contact with current patients (patient retention) in your research studies.

Noel answers the questions:

  • Are mobile phones really effective for contacting patients?
  • Why should I use mobile technology for patient recruitment and patient retention?
  • Do patients find apps helpful?
  • How can the mobile web be optimized for clinical trial use and patient retention?
  • What are the benefits of text messaging with patients?
  • Is mobile advertising constructive for patient recruitment?

During this Webinar, you will learn the most effective practices for employing mobile technology in your clinical trials, patient retention, & patient recruitment. Both the slides and recording from the Webinar are available on the PatientWise website.

Let us know: what points did you find the most helpful? Do you have any unanswered questions? Leave us a comment!


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