Finding new patient recruitment and retention strategies are a constant challenge in clinical trials. When strategies have to adapt to new technology or specific patient populations, it is easy to feel like you are drowning if you struggle to come up with ideas, recruit patients, or retain patients in your trials.

Mosio has a new LinkedIn group to help with patient recruitment and retention strategies: Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment and Retention (PR+R).

patient recruitment and retention strategies

The Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment and Retention (PR+R) group regularly shares content, including news, updates, and patient recruitment and retention strategies.

Discussions of new technologies and tactics to help improve study enrollment occur between members, including individuals who contributed to our 2014 eBook: Clinical Trials Patient Recruiting and Retention (Tips for Success). Have a question about a specific patient population or problem? Ask and get responses from members who are well-versed in recruitment and retention strategies for various populations or have recently tried new, successful ideas.

Top-notch patient recruitment and retention strategies advice makes this group unique and custom-tailored for driving clinical trial success. As a bonus, early access will be granted to group members for the upcoming, second version of our Patient Recruitment and Retention Tips eBook. Join to receive news, updates, and jump into our patient recruitment and retention discussions!

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