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Do you know the benefits of a dedicated texting line? Among many things, a texting line enables participants to communicate quickly and efficiently via text message. If you’re a clinical researcher, you’ll be able to use a texting line to improve medication adherence, deliver gift codes, collect data, and much more!

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Meeting Challenge patient-centered Clinical Trials
Retaining patients in clinical trials has always been a problem, but the direct-to-patient approach or DTP may be the solution. In this article, the benefits of DTP are discussed, and the head of patient-centric logistics at World Courier Group discusses the “typical” client.

Mhealth Tools Boosts Medication Adherence
Surprise, surprise! Most patients don’t want their family members or friends telling them to take their medication. So, what’s a better solution? Just think mobile health technology. According to many studies, mHealth can encourage optimal medication adherence and compliance among patients of all ages.

Patient-centric or site-centric clinical trials: Can you have both?
When it comes to improving patient recruitment, a patient-centric and site-centric approach is key. Most clinical researchers know why the patient matters, but do you know why the site is important? Read on to learn about the importance of site-centricity.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Technology can Improve Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials
One of the most prominent research hospitals in the country has developed an innovative way to improve the patient recruitment process in clinical trials. The solution will allow busy clinical personnel to find high-quality candidates quickly and efficiently.

We Need a Better Clinical Trial Recruitment Process
Recruiting patients for clinical trials can be broken down into three simple steps: gather information about the patient population, identify future clinical trial patients, and find the sites that contain the right patient population for a study. With the most appropriate technology, this recruitment process can be greatly improved. Discover how digital tools can significantly enhance the recruitment process.

The Human Component Of Clinical Trial Technology Implementations
Incorporating sophisticated technology into clinical trials is always a great idea, but without the “human component,” a study probably won’t be successful. For the best results, stakeholders must be equipped with the necessary knowledge to adopt new technology so that they can fully integrate it into the clinical trial. Are you interested in learning more? Make sure you read this entire article.

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