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Mosio Projects in Published Clinical Research
Mosio’s text messaging system has helped many researchers easily communicate with their study participants. Are you ready to see how automation could simplify your next study and improve participant adherence? Check out the numerous studies on Pubmed and other top research platforms that have benefited from Mosio’s text messaging software.

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How to Recruit Patients for Clinical Trials
Without the right number of participants, a research study may be doomed right from the start. However, by learning how to switch up your recruiting methods, get immediately informed consent from participants and create easily understood trial procedures, you can implement a clinical trial that will give you trustworthy results.

Expert Q&A: Effective Patient Recruitment
Would you like some help in predicting study enrollment from researchers who have plenty of practice under their belts? This quick question and answer session will guide you down the right path when it comes to recruiting patients living in rural areas, drawing up appropriate clinical trial agreement contracts and much more.

Incorporating the patient voice in clinical trials ‘mandates time and thoughtful consideration of every stakeholder’
Short patient and physician visits that last less than 20 minutes on average often lead to low participation in clinical trials. Here are some tips for getting both patients and their physicians intricately involved in your next medical research project.

How patient centricity is enabling the reality of Virtual Trials and mHealth
Would you believe that lack of convenience is the number one cited reason why patients will not participate in clinical trials? Creating trial models that reflect the unique preferences of the average patient could transform your medical research program and improve patient retention rates.

How Hospitals Can Test Patient Engagement Strategy Efficacy
Have you ever wondered whether there could be a way to find out if your patient engagement or medical marketing strategies are truly effective? Low-cost, customized experiments and randomized tests can help a health care organization discover what its unique subset of patients prefers and can help it craft the best possible engagement and retention strategies in the future.

Under-enrollment in clinical trials: Patients not the problem
Researchers are coming up with an incredible number of new cancer treatments these days, but they face the problem of a shortage of patients who are willing to participate in clinical trials for these therapies. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in June 2019 discovered that only 2 percent of cancer patients currently participate in trials and found that improving participation reimbursement amounts could significantly help.

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