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Text Messaging And Wearable Devices Make A Great Pairing In Clinical Research 
Obtaining timely and accurate data is not easy for many clinical researchers. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: wearable devices. Of course, wearables are great when used alone, but they are even better when paired with text messaging. Why? Continue reading to discover the powerfulness of pairing wearable devices with text messaging and why we are extremely excited about it.

A Call for Greater Diversity in Clinical Trials
Most clinical researchers are aware that a diverse study population is critical to understanding how a wide variety of patients respond to certain treatments, but how can study coordinators increase diversity in clinical trials? According to many experts, a multifactorial approach that involves community participation could significantly improve recruitment in underrepresented areas. Let’s find out more about using a community-based participatory approach to increase diversity in clinical trials by reading this article.

Improving The Reporting Of Social Media Recruitment For Clinical Trials
Given the recent popularity of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, it’s not too surprising that study coordinators are using social media to recruit patients. Many researchers have even found social media recruitment extremely effective. To ensure that social media recruitment continues to be a success in the future, researchers should be transparent when reporting this advanced strategy for gathering study participants.

How An Advocacy Group Elevates The Patient Voice In Research And Clinical Trials
Over the past few years, many researchers have strived to include the patient perspective in drug development. As this trend becomes increasingly popular, biopharmaceutical companies, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders are also realizing the importance of enhancing the patient’s voice in clinical research. Here’s why the development of new, effective treatments are largely dependent on increasing patient voices.

How To Connect The Common Goals Of Varying Clinical Trial Stakeholders
The common goal among stakeholders is to deliver better patient outcomes in a fast manner. One of the ways to accomplish this goal is through effective patient engagement. When clinical researchers place patient engagement at the forefront of each research study, we are likely to see a significant improvement in medicine development.

Phone Contact Improved Medication Adherence In Severely Mentally Ill Patients
Telemedicine is a great alternative to in-person psychiatric appointments. In fact, based on a study published in Psychiatric Services, telemedicine can actually increase medication adherence in patients with extreme mental health problems. Because of the effectiveness of telemedicine, researchers should consider using this advanced communication in clinical trials.

Move Clinical Trial Data Sharing From An Option To An Imperative
Do you know the key to finding effective treatments for diseases like cancer, dementia, and diabetes? Just think Data sharing. Data sharing is a relatively new concept for many clinical researchers, but most of them are embracing this new reality. Read more for details.
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