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Patient Recruitment and Retention News – January 2019

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Are You Still Not Using Text Messaging for Dosing Reminders in your Clinical Trials? 

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A lot of life-changing results for optimal patient centricity came about in 2018, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to resolve the unmet needs of people with underserved conditions. Renowned companies like Vertex and Amryt Pharma have already joined the movement, and it’s only a matter of time when other pharmaceutical companies will also hop onboard this great trend. Read more to discover some of the medicines that have been approved as a treatment for forgotten conditions.

Looking back, looking forward: The days of process driving clinical trials are just about over.

Did you know that the clinical trial industry is currently undergoing a huge transformation? Yes, that’s right! The clinical trial industry is focusing on creating more efficient trials by providing high-quality training for principal investigators and developing a defined career path for these professionals. Across the clinical trial industry, we’re also seeing more and more talk about the importance of giving patients the option to integrate clinical research into their healthcare treatment plan.

Improving the reporting of social media recruitment for clinical trials.
Fun Fact: Much research has found that approximately 70 percent of American adults use some sort of social media. Due to this interesting fact, the recruitment strategy shows big promise, but researchers should report the data from the research in a transparent and methodological manner to determine the true effectiveness of obtaining study participants through social media. Don’t repeat the same mistakes that were described by Katz and colleagues in an issue of the Dermatology Times. Find out more now!

Increasing patient involvement: 4 rules of engagement.
Increasing patient engagement in the healthcare field has been a topic of discussion for a long time, but how do we finally crack the code to allowing patients to become more involved in their care? The answer isn’t as simple as you think. Here are some things to keep in mind when engaging patients in their own care.

6 steps for increasing patient enrollment in clinical trials.
Even if a clinical trial enroller has incredible superpowers, a clinical trial cannot be performed without patients. Period. That’s why the challenges that plague clinical trials must be eliminated to ensure optimal clinical trial enrollment. To encourage great patient enrollment in clinical trials, here are a few things to consider.

Understanding Population Needs to Target Patient Engagement.
Surprise, surprise! In case you didn’t know, increasing patients’ engagement in their own care is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The truth of the matter is that companies should base their engagement initiatives on the different needs of the patient population. According to the researchers at Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, the patient population can generally be broken into four distinct groups.

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