A few months back we wrote a blog post titled “Save NIH Funding: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now” as part of an ongoing grassroots effort to save what was a possible 18% budget cut in much-needed funds to improve the lives of patients.

We’re happy to say (while we’re not out of the weeds yet), that not only was there not a cut, but a 6% increase passed by the US House of Representatives (211-198). Many have rightfully argued that budget spending for the NIH has been falling (with regards to adjustments made for inflation or as a lower percentage of the GDP), this bigger cut would have had dire consequences for those in the biomedical research field.

There is still work to do to save NIH funding. If you haven’t done so, please visit our post on how to take action, we highly recommend #’s 2 and 3 as a means of speaking directly to members of the Congress.