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Patient Recruitment and Retention News – July 2019

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Text Messaging and wearable devices make a great pairing in Clinical Research
Like peanut butter and chocolate, text messages and wearable devices make a great pairing. When paired correctly, a text message can integrate into wearables to send medication reminders, incentives, appointment reminders, and much more. Find out more information about this fantastic pairing by reading through this article.

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The Importance of virtual Trials for patient engagement. 
If you have been searching for a way to make participating in clinical trials easier for patients, look no further than virtual clinical trials. One of the biggest benefits of virtual clinical trials is that they enable patients to participants in the study from the comfort of their own home. Interested in learning more about the importance of clinical trials? Read more here.

Digital Tools useful for Medication Adherence in Older Patients
Despite common belief, older people are texting. Given this lesser-known fact, text messaging can be used to enhance medication adherence in elderly Medicare patients. Medication reminders are helpful text messages that can remind patients to take their medication on time. Check out the specific benefits of medication reminders here.

Building Trust Through Technology For Medication Adherence
Many patients fail to take their medication as prescribed, and it’s becoming a big problem in the healthcare industry. The good news is that technological advances can drastically improve medication adherence. According to many researchers, employing technology that helps get patients in the habit of taking pills as prescribed if the key to optimal medication adherence.

Digital platforms for Patients Engagement in Clinical Trials 
Many pharmaceutical companies rely on sophisticated digital platforms to create a great experience for physicians, pharmacists, and patients. The most commonly used digital platforms are medical animations, mobile applications, virtual/augmented reality, and gamification. Want to learn more about these digital platforms for patient engagement in medical studies? Click here.

Patient-Centric Care
FAQ: Why shift toward patient-centric care? The answer is simple. Patient-centric healthcare enables patients and physicians to become true partners in healthcare decisions. Read on to discover specific benefits of patient-centric care, and how to shift to a patient-centric model.

How Physicians can help guide patients through Clinical TrialsOne of the best ways for physicians to ensure that the public contributes medical breakthroughs is to successfully guide patients through clinical trials. Although this task sounds easy, many physicians do not know where to begin. Here’s how physicians can use a patient-centric approach to help guide patients through clinical trials.

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