Photo by Astemir Almov on Unsplash

Photo by Astemir Almov on Unsplash

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment and Retention News for February 2019

Study Proves the Importance Of Patient Diversity In Clinical Trials
Despite common belief, females and minorities are actually willing to participate in clinical trials, which is proven by two co-principal investigators who conducted the PLATINUM Diversity trial. The co-principal investigators urge all clinicians to make a greater effort to include these underrepresented participants by getting involved in their communities, choosing better sites, and describing the purpose of the clinical trial more efficiently. Read more to discover the results of the PLATINUM Diversity trial.

Patient Centricity: Improving Study Outcomes in Small Pharma
The importance of patient centricity in clinical studies cannot be underestimated, and the topic has sparked much interest in the biopharmaceutical industry. In this interview, Rashieda Gluck, head of the Global Clinical Operations at Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, discusses her perspectives on how study leaders can improve patient centricity. By thoroughly understanding patient profiles, study leaders can make participation much easier for patients.

Strong Online Presence Fuels Patient Retention Patient Satisfaction
In order to significantly improve patient retention and consumer loyalty, doctors should recognize that a strong online presence is now necessary. As revealed by a survey performed by Doctor.com, many patients said that they often choose a provider based on their positive online reviews. The results of the study highlight the fact that the healthcare field is becoming more consumer-centric.

The Importance of Patient Engagement
For the past decade or so, improving patient engagement has been continuously discussed in the policy landscape. As technology continues to advance, the patient engagement trend is only expected to become more important. Most patients are embracing the modern, digital era, and they are eager to feel empowered and engaged through the use of technological advances in their care.

An Efficient Approach To Clinical Trial Design Will Have the Greatest Impact
Based on a recent interview with Dr. John Moller, the head of Novotech’s Asia operations, an effective approach to clinical design will contain the rising costs that are associated with developing drugs. Learn more about how biopharma companies like Novotech are addressing some of the challenges in the CRO space.

Decentralized Clinical Trials: Are We Ready to Make the Leap
Due to the fact that roughly 70 percent of potential study participants reside over two hours away from the study site, there has been a push for more decentralized clinical trials to combat this issue. The strategic implementation of certain technologies into decentralized studies could be transformational as they would greatly decrease the number of site visits that are required to participate in the clinical trial. These technologies just need to be patient-centric, of course!

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