An automated text message reminder system like Mosio’s Study Team Reminders can help research staff stay organized and engaged with study participants.

Research staff are often rushed off their feet and juggling an eclectic mix of tasks at any given moment. Automated reminders for research staff can enable research staff to succeed in their roles by keeping important tasks top of mind. Sponsors, CROs, principal investigators, and research coordinators can use Mosio to set up study team reminders for research staff.

Automated reminders and alerts for study staff are a preventative measure for study teams and can help to protect the integrity of clinical research. When clinical research is in full swing, research staff are often scrambling to keep up with administrative tasks, participant recruitment and follow-up activities. Automated reminders and alerts act as a much-needed safety net for teams.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key benefits of automated text message reminders:

  • Optimize workflow processes for researchers.
  • Leverage a universal communication channel.
  • Stay ahead of potential compliance issues.
  • Ensure all team members are on the same page.

Forget about paper lists or tedious spreadsheets; having an automated text message reminder system in place helps research staff to stay organized and on top of their tasks. Mosio enables you to communicate with busy research managers and coordinators as they navigate through the complexities of their job. Let’s take a look at the biggest use cases of SMS reminders.

Automated Text Message Reminders (Key Use Cases)

As you can imagine, Mosio is in constant contact with researchers who are using our automated text message software solution. We’ve heard the needs of research staff loud and clear, and have identified some key reasons why research staff need reminders for in their work. In speaking with researchers, here are just some of the potential use cases that we uncovered:

Making Recruitment Calls

When research teams are recruiting participants for a study, managers and coordinators can use automated text messaging to remind staff to make calls to potential participants. This helps to ensure that recruitment activities are on track and teams hit their goals. It’s easy to forget to make calls when juggling multiple tasks, so having reminder sent via text is incredibly helpful.

Sending Out Meeting Minutes

To ensure efficient communication between study management and staff, you can distribute meeting minutes via text. Rapid-fire text communication enables you to quickly get all team members on the same page and reduces the potential for miscommunication. This makes SMS text messaging an invaluable tool for distributing timely information.

Downloading Data Across Various Devices

You can “nudge” team members on data collection management to ensure that data is collected or downloaded across various devices. Research managers and coordinators can select the frequency of these automated reminders and alerts, so research timelines remain intact.

Submitting Study Details To The IRB

Automated text message reminders can play a critical role in supporting compliance measures. You can set up reminders to ensure that research staff completes and submits the necessary paperwork and documentation to meet compliance standards. This helps streamline the IRB approval process, so teams can get their studies started faster.

eCRF (Electronic Case Report Form) Updates

When it comes to case report forms, automated reminders can help to ensure that teams are up-to-date with data entry tasks. These reminders can be used to alert staff when data fields are incomplete, or when new forms need to be filled out. This helps to ensure that research teams remain on track and have accurate records throughout the study.

Regulatory Reminders

From completing periodic reports to ensuring the accuracy of data, research teams need to keep up with their regulatory requirements. Automated text message reminders keep regulatory demands fresh in the minds of research staff, so the clinical research remains compliant.

Support Clinical Research Staff With Automated Reminders

Prevent corner cutting

Overworked clinical research staff are more likely to cut corner in data collection processes and jeopardize study accuracy. Automated text message reminders can help to support your clinical research team and ensure that all participants are up-to-date on their responsibilities. Rather than compromise on data quality, use Mosio to drive team accountability.

Boost participant engagement

The benefits of automated text message reminders extend beyond the research staff. When team members are proactively following up with study participants and keeping them in the loop, participant engagement stays high. This can reduce drop-out rates and improve data quality.

Lower staff turnover rates

If staff members are feeling swamped by their responsibilities, they are more likely to look for other employment opportunities. Automated reminders can help staff members stay ahead of tasks and see what is around the corner. This allows them to plan ahead and manage their workload more efficiently, encouraging staff retention and reducing turnover.

Automated SMS Reminders For Clinical Research Teams (Getting Started)

To summarize, here are the key benefits of automated SMS reminders:

  • Streamline communication between study management and staff.
  • Support air-tight data collection and management processes.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Promote participant engagement and reduce drop-out rates.
  • Encourage staff retention and lower turnover rates.

Above all, SMS is a highly-convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that clinical research teams remain organized and on track. With the help of automated reminders, everyone can stay ahead of their responsibilities and keep up with the clinical research process. If team members always feel like they are on the back foot, SMS reminders and alerts are a powerful tool.

Mosio is well-equipped to help research teams get started with automated text message reminders. Mosio’s intuitive platform makes it easy to create and manage custom messages that can be sent at regular intervals. All messages are HIPAA compliant and you can even integrate with existing systems.

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