12 Great Clinical Research Infographics

We’re big fans of infographics, so we did some searching and found 12 great clinical research infographics. Maybe you’ve seen 1 or 2 of these, but hopefully there are some new ones to you. If you’re a visual person, get ready to live! ūüôā Link to the source is below each graphic.

  1. Maximizing Patient Recruitment and Retention in Early Phase Oncology Trials

Source: Worldwide Clinical Trials

  1. Patient Recruitment Statistics

Source: George Washington University

  1.  Clinical Trials Lead to New Treatments

Source: Lung Cancer Foundation

  1.  Why Minority Participation in Clinical Trials Matters:  Health Disparities in Chronic Diseases

Source: Continuum Clinical

  1.  Preferences and Perceptions in Clinical Research

Source: Lilly COI

  1.  Understanding Clinical Trials

Source: CenterWatch

  1.  Patient Adherence

Source: EyeforPharma

  1. Pharma gets Serious about Drug Adherence

Source: EyeforPharma

  1.  Medical Research Network Approach to Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

Source: Medical Research Network

  1.  Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Source: LillyCOI

  1.  Patient Retention in Clinical Trials 

Source: Forte Research Systems

  1.  Pharma Goes Digital

Source: CBI We hope you enjoyed these!

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