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Most mobile users download zero apps per month

Several years ago, clients and others would ask us "so why don't you have an app, are you going to build one?" With Apple spending millions on "there's an app for that" ads, it made sense. We always responded with "Mosio works on the most…
Patient engagement in a clinical trial

Increase Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial via Two-Way Text Messaging Software

Word-of-mouth plays a key role in the success of any medical office and in increasing Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial. Need a doctor in a new specialty? Ask your current office whom they would recommend. Looking to switch doctors? Ask…
clinical trial patient surveys
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Clinical Trial Patient Surveys via SMS: Measuring Satisfaction, Participation Interest, and More in Clinical Trials

During a clinical trial, patients are stepping out on a limb to test a new medication or medical device. The experience from the first time that a patient participates in a trial will determine if the patient participates in future trials. In…