When should I use text messaging in my research?

Many experts believe that studies can be optimized when researchers communicate effectively with their participants. That’s why the old school tools that have previously been used to communicate with participants should be immediately replaced with efficient SMS technology. When researchers rely on SMS messaging, they are not only providing important updates and relevant advice, the experts are also increasing the chances of the participants adhering to protocols and completing the study. Most importantly, the researchers are creating an environment where the participants will always feel supported and guided. Are you wondering when you should use text messaging in your research? Save time and retain participants in your study with these useful tips.

Send Text Alerts To Find Participants
Before starting a research project, you’ll need to gather qualified subjects. The Mosio platform provides you the option to send text alerts so that recruiting participants and advertising your study is easy. One of the best features of these text messages is that the alerts can be targeted for large groups, certain individuals, or specific demographics. Once you have chosen the participants, the alerts can be used to inform everyone of important information about the study.

Make Taking Surveys Easy
Researchers will receive a better response when surveys are sent by text message versus email or snail mail. Just imagine a participant’s reaction when they receive survey questions via text. They will most likely be relieved when they notice that they can easily answer with a Y or N or quickly type their own responses.
By using the SMS technology on the Mosio platform, you can also send participants a link to a more comprehensive, web-based study. Participants can then access the link with their smartphones.

Ensure Study Participants Stay On Track
Another advantage to using the Mosio platform is that you can send your participants reminders to make sure that they stay on track. While appointment reminders can drastically reduce missed appointments, medication reminders can remind patients to take their medication in a non-intrusive way.
If a participant has not completed the study in the allotted timeframe, you’ll have the opportunity to send an automated message on the Mosio platform to encourage a timely response and increased data collection.

Encourage And Reward Study Participants
The best way to retain participants is to encourage and motivate them throughout the study. Why not offer them incentives when they fulfill certain requirements such as completing studies in a timely manner, attending the vast majority of appointments, and texting photographical data? Gift codes and incentives via SMS technology are just an added bonus to help make the research experience even better. They will also appreciate a simple text that lets them know how much you value their participation in the study.

Text Messaging Should Be Integrated In Every Research Project
If your research project involves people, you need to be using text messaging. Most researchers don’t say “we’ve decided we’re going to use the phone and emails in this study.” They just do. The same concept should be true of text messaging when creating unique study goals.

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