It’s Time to Leverage Text Messaging For Study Team Reminders

A study coordinator is the glue that binds a study team together. When a study team is trying to manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously, a study coordinator plays a pivotal role in keeping the study team organized. Study coordinators are using text messaging solutions to streamline communication and keep everyone on the same page.

From reminding study team members of upcoming tasks and meetings to reiterating deadlines, text messaging can enable study coordinators to quickly distribute timely information to the right people. In this article, we will explore why study coordinators should turn to SMS text messaging for study team reminders. Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight in.

The Many Hats Of A Study Coordinator

Whether it’s ensuring that all study procedures are conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements or monitoring participant enrollment and retention, study coordinators are responsible for managing all aspects of a clinical research study. It’s the ultimate juggling act. They must also make sure team members are aware of their own responsibilities.

Effective communication is critical for study coordinators to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Study coordinators must communicate regularly with study team members, sponsors, and other stakeholders. Text messaging provides an efficient and effective way for study coordinators to ensure everyone receives the necessary information to keep the study rolling forward.

Using Text Messaging For Study Team Reminders (4 Key Benefits)

Here are just a few benefits of using text messaging for study team reminders:

1 – Real-Time Communication

Everyone’s always got a phone within reaching distance. When study coordinators need to send timely reminders to study team members about upcoming tasks, meetings, and deadlines, using text messaging is the way to go. Team members are instantly notified when they get a text and can use the information they receive to inform their next actions.

2 – Cost-Effective

Utilizing a text messaging solution for clinical teams is not going to break the bank. Study coordinators can neatly integrate a text messaging solution with existing tools in their technology stack to elevate entire workflows and drive efficiency across the study.

3 – Convenient

It doesn’t get more convenient than a text message! As soon as a text message pings up a study team member’s mobile, they will typically see a preview of the text. Unlike email, you do not need to go rummaging through your phone to start reading the message. This makes it easy for study team members to stay informed and up-to-date on study-related tasks and deadlines.

4 – Customizable

The right text messaging solution will enable you to schedule messages to send at pivotal moments. For instance, you can schedule text messages to study team members warning them of looming deadlines. By scheduling these messages, study coordinators can focus on their own tasks while having confidence in other team members meeting their own responsibilities.

Using An SMS Text Messaging Solution (4 Key Features)

A robust text messaging solution can provide study coordinators with the following benefits:

1 – Automated Reminders

Study coordinators can use an SMS text messaging solution to automate sending reminders to study team members. This ensures that reminders are sent consistently and in a timely manner. It also frees up study coordinators’ time, allowing them to focus on important tasks.

2 – Message Scheduling

An SMS text messaging solution can enable study coordinators to schedule reminders in advance rather than “nudging” team members in the moment and distracting away from tasks. This ensures that study team members receive reminders at the appropriate time, even if the study coordinator is unavailable to send them manually, eliminating the risk of bottlenecks.

3 – Two-Way Communication

In some cases, SMS text messaging software can offer the necessary features to allow study coordinators to have two-way communication with study team members. This allows study team members to respond to reminders and ask questions, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and has a clear understanding of their responsibilities at any given moment.

4 – Reporting & Analytics

An SMS text messaging solution should provide study coordinators with reporting and analytics tools, enabling them to track message open rates, response rates, and other important metrics. Coordinators can use this information to identify areas where communication can be improved and ensure that study team members are receiving the information they need to stay productive.

Automated Text Messaging For Study Team Reminders (Getting Started)

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