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Training Information and Clinical Research Tools for Sites

Clinical research coordinators, CRAs, and other research staff are busy, they have a lot to do when a study starts. They’re running through trial management checklists, gathering necessary paperwork and ensuring everything gets off to a great start. Part of the success in starting up a study is in the clinical research tools used by study staff.

At Mosio, we pride ourselves in making the study staff’s workflow more efficient, our Development team puts more focus on how the study staff will use our software than they do the patient experience. We also understand that with so many things to think about, our software needs to be super easy to use. So, along with training study stakeholders on how to use the software, we may also provide a short information sheet for study staff to get them started.

Mosio sends this short document to clinical research sites as a “head’s up” introduction to solutions being deployed by clinical trial sponsors and CROs. It’s purpose is to educate clinical research coordinators, CRAs, and any other staff about the usefulness of the system to engage, communicate with, and collect data from patients in clinical trials.

Training Document Customization 

The document below is just an example of what can be created for study site staff prior to getting started. We can customize components of the training information based on the Mosio modules to be used in your study. Along with an easy-to-use software interface, robust training by our Account Managers and documents like this, we work hard to ensure the staff in your studies are informed about how to get up and running quickly.

If you have any questions about how Mosio can help retain and engage your clinical trial patients, contact us.

Mosio Clinical Trial Patient Engagement Tools

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