Text messaging solutions effectively reach study subjects and survey respondents while boosting overall productivity. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when using text messaging for your research projects.

Choosing the Wrong Provider

It is important to work with an established company with proven experience in these implementations.

Companies without this experience fail to provide the right services and may not provide adequate security for confidential information. Mosio specializes in text messaging options for the clinical research. Our software ensures data is protected and that the specific text messaging needs for your research project are met in the effective way possible.

Continue Doing Manual Tasks

Text Messaging has transformed the way in which researchers connect with study participants.

Automated text messaging solutions save you time and effort in communicating with your study subjects. Text messaging is a convenient way for your subjects to answer questions or to provide information, significantly increasing response rate for surveys and questionnaires. Performing these tasks manually could cost you valuable time. Mosio’s text messaging solutions will streamline the process of reaching your study participants and boost productivity for you and your research team.

Don’t Use Software Features Effectively

Text messaging can deliver some outstanding benefits for your clinical research activities. For example, Mosio’s software has features designed to specifically improve research workflows and engagement from research participants:

  • Personalized reminders for appointments and medication keep research subjects on track to improve the quality of your results.
  • Automated text messaging increases engagement with your research study participants. Texting is less intrusive than calling, it can increase satisfaction among your study subjects.
  • It’s so easy to collect and compile the data and feedback received from your participants. This can streamline recordkeeping and can reduce the amount of manual entry work required by your research team.
  • Review responses in real time, which can help you to adjust strategies and your messages to ensure the most accurate information.

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