For medical researchers, we know finding new and innovative ways to make your workflow more efficient, while getting better data for your projects is always at the top of the list. 

At Mosio, it is our mission to help you do just that!  We help make your job easier and help you get better results from your research projects.

I’d like to introduce our new solutions for research teams that will drastically improve your projects this year.

Institutional Licenses

We’re happy to announce our Institutional Licenses, providing researchers with a cost-effective approach to improve engagement, adherence and data collection programs.  We’ve designed the Institutional License to include a dedicated system for each project with login/user access flexibility creating a customized offering based on your specific use case.


REDCap is an amazing tool for research data collection. Mosio makes it better.

Depending on your set up we can integrate the systems so you control everything from inside of REDCap. This way you benefit from the usefulness of Mosio’s functions for automated, interactive text messaging without needing to learn and use a second piece of software.

To get a statement of work for any upcoming projects, please fill out our project plan form.

If you want to know more about how we can help you check out this quick video Learn How Researchers are Saving Time Everyday With Automated Text Messaging.

“Mosio has been invaluable for communicating with our research subjects. We use it to recruit, schedule (and reschedule) appointments, collect survey responses, and to keep in touch with our subjects in between study visits. In an era when fewer and fewer people answer phone calls or check voicemail messages, Mosio’s text messaging services have saved us an enormous amount of time and effort in our clinical research studies. I can’t imagine running a study without it!” – Andrea G. Gillman, PhD, Research Program Manager, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Mosio has become a valuable asset in how I approach challenges with retention. In my capacity as a Project Director for a NIMH-funded project, Mosio’s integrated texting platform allowed me to increase retention rates by more than 30%. In addition to increasing retention, the platform is user friendly and downloadable to workable formats. Mosio was such a useful tool, I decided to utilize it while working for Baylor College of Medicine to increase retention for one of our research studies here. This is an amazing service and I intend to work with them for years to come.” ~ Timothy Brown, MPH, Baylor College of Medicine