One of the proudest moments we have had at Mosio is the time that one of our clients said, “Mosio is like another member of our research team.

This compliment demonstrates the value that Mosio offers for clinical researchers in their everyday activities and our commitment to providing the best services for our clients. We take pride in offering the most advanced and practical text messaging software and solutions for your research team.

Here are some of the ways that Mosio acts as a partner and is like another member of the research team supporting your everyday activities.

We Make It Easy to Reach Your Research Participants

Mosio’s easy-to-use interface is one of the best features of our text messaging software. We can work with your research team to provide practical support that allows you to do more. Our solutions incorporate the following features to help your team:

  • Personalized text reminders to help your research subjects or patients remember to take medication, to submit information or to attend appointments
  • Automation of your Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes and other data collection activities to increase productivity for your researchers
  • Convenient text surveys that allow you to obtain the necessary information in a fast and efficient way
  • Mosio’s Storylines feature, which allows you to automate all aspects of survey delivery and text messaging for your study participants
  • Integration with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to help participants in your research studies stay informed and on schedule
  • Text message alerts that allow your study subjects to contact you through phone calls, emails or texts
  • TextChat two-way text messaging solutions for faster response times and improved communications
  • Integration with REDCap to make it easy for your team to deal with data collection
  • Responsive customer service that ensures your system works properly for your research team and your study participants

At Mosio, we work to be an excellent partner for your research efforts. We work with you at every stage of the implementation process to help you achieve the highest possible productivity. We offer customized software solutions that work for your researchers and your patients.

Real Help for Your Research Team

Mosio makes communications much easier not only with your study participants but also within your team. Our innovative system allows your team members to communicate through text messages regarding cancelled appointments, missed medications and other alerts that require immediate action on the part of your researchers. The Mosio system can even deliver texts directly to your research staff to let them know when certain tasks are required. These features and benefits are ideally suited to the needs of researchers in the modern scientific and medical environment.

At Mosio, we act as a trusted partner for your research team in streamlining your processes and providing you with advanced and innovative data collection methods. Our team is proud of our commitment to the highest standards of customer service for our clients.

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