Do you know how text messaging can improve clinical trial data collection?

A well-executed communication strategy can make all the difference in a clinical trial. It’s important to explore ways of streamlining and accelerating the data collection process during clinical trials. At the best of times, this can prove time-consuming and complex. In this article, we will explore how you can leverage text messaging to support the data collection process.

Clinical Trial Data Collection Through Text Messaging (4 Use Cases)

1 – Reminders To Complete Tasks

You can use an SMS text messaging solution to send reminders to study subjects. From encouraging the completion of data collection forms to taking medications, clinical trial teams can leverage a text messaging solution to ensure study subjects receive consistent reminders. With SMS communication, you can ensure everyone is on the same page in an instant.

If you want to improve study engagement and adherence across the board, sending reminders through text messaging is an easy way to capture the attention of your study subjects. When it comes to collecting accurate and reliable data, robust communication is a must. You cannot afford to have study participants forget to complete certain tasks or disengage altogether.

For instance, let’s say you need study subjects to take medication at specific times throughout the day. Naturally, due to busy schedules or general forgetfulness, study participants may miss doses and lose track of tasks for completion. When this is the case, text messaging can play an important role in supporting adherence to the study protocol and keeping things moving forward.

2 – Offer A Convenient & Easy Way To Communicate

Tired of playing voicemail phone tag? As far as communication channels go, it doesn’t get much more convenient than a simple text message. No matter the age of your study participants, everyone has a mobile phone within reach during the day. If you need to quickly communicate important information to support clinical trial data collection, using a text messaging service is inevitably the way to go.

While ensuring key information is delivered to all study subjects, the right SMS text messaging solution will allow you to add some personalization to the communication without needing to send the same message dozens of times. From addressing the participant by their name to including specific instructions for their situation, you can add a range of custom variables.

3 – Remind Study Staff To Complete Data Collection-Related Tasks

Text messaging isn’t just for communicating information with study participants. Clinical trial staff can use text messaging to improve internal communication and ensure all team members are up to speed with data collection. When it comes to reminding staff of upcoming tasks, texting enables you to do this at scale without having to copy and paste the same message repeatedly.

Let’s face it, clinical trial teams are often rushed off their feet and have very little spare time during the working day. From follow-up visits with study subjects to reminders to complete data entry tasks, an effective SMS text messaging solution for clinical trial teams can have a profound impact on organization and productivity.

4 – Text Messaging Can Deliver Links To ePRO or EDC Systems

You can also use an SMS text messaging solution to deliver links to electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) or electronic data capture (EDC) systems. These systems allow for the easy and efficient collection of data. Although, it’s often challenging to communicate with study subjects on how to access these systems. Text messaging makes the process simple.

All you have to do is send a link directly to the study subject’s mobile device. This means they can easily access the ePRO or EDC system and embark on the data collection task. This saves time and effort for both the study subject and the study staff, as the subject can complete the data collection task at their convenience and the staff can easily access the data when needed.

While ensuring compliance, you can send links to online surveys or questionnaires for your clinical trial. If you were to send these links via email, they may prove more difficult for study participants to access. Not everyone has access to their emails on their mobile device. At the same time, few people receive instant notifications on their devices upon receiving emails.

Why is text messaging uniquely placed to support clinical trial data collection?

When it comes to rapidly engaging study participants, emails are not going to cut it. Email communication can easily get lost. Unless all study participants receive instant notifications on their mobile devices every time they receive a new email, it’s difficult to get everyone on the same page quickly. This is why SMS text messaging is uniquely placed to support clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Data Collection: Best Text Messaging Solution

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