eConsent is now a requirement for many clinical research studies. The use of electronic consent (eConsent) forms can help increase study enrollment, cut down on paper, promote compliance, and improve participant experiences. There are many software platforms for clinical trials that offer eConsent capabilities, but not all solutions are created equal.

What is eConsent in clinical research?

Clinical trial eConsent is the electronic version of the traditional informed consent process. eConsent forms are digital documents that provide information about a study and register a person’s agreement to participate. As a pivotal process in any clinical trial, eConsent ensures participants fully understand the risks and commitments associated with taking part.

Clinical research teams can either deploy eConsent remotely or on-site at a study’s location. If a research team is conducting on-site visits, they can use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to deliver the eConsent form and register a person’s agreement to participate. For remote studies, digital delivery methods like email or text messaging can be used to send out eConsent forms.

When combining Mosio and REDCap for eConsent in clinical research, study participants get sent eConsent forms via SMS text message. These digital forms are completed and signed electronically, and then stored securely in REDCap. Not only does this reduce paper waste, but it also allows for a streamlined way to keep track of who has consented to participate in a study.

Are paper-based consent forms obsolete?

The use of eConsent is not only more efficient but it also has the potential to improve participant compliance and increase study enrollment. If you are leveraging platforms like Mosio (for text message communication) and REDCap (for surveys and databases) to distribute electronic consent forms, you will quickly unlock the immense benefits of paperless clinical trials.

Paper-based consent forms can become lost or misplaced, but eConsent forms that are stored electronically in a secure platform like REDCap are less likely to be forgotten or misfiled. Utilizing a clinical research text messaging solution Mosio, you can have a clear record of distribution and receipt for each form that is sent out via SMS text messaging.

How can eConsent improve compliance?

eConsent typically uses date and time stamps to track when a person has agreed to participate in a clinical trial. This provides a clear record that can be referenced at any time, ensuring compliance with regulations. Using solutions like Mosio and REDCap, you can deploy real-time monitoring to see exactly when a person signs and returns their eConsent form.

When it comes to keeping your study on track, eConsent can promote speed and accuracy by reducing the potential for human error. Automated reminders can also be sent out via text message to nudge participants along in the eConsent process and prevent needless delays. Harnessing the potential of various platforms will enable you to deploy eConsent effectively.

What type of studies/trials are supported by eConsent?

eConsent can work well for both on-site and remote clinical trials. If you are running a study with in-person visits, you can use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to deliver the eConsent form and register a person’s agreement to participate. For remote studies, you can leverage a clinical trial text messaging solution like Mosio to seamlessly distribute consent forms.

Ultimately, the overall effectiveness of eConsent depends on the platforms you use to deploy the consent forms. The combination of Mosio and REDCap is a winning formula for delivering eConsent forms and tracking participant compliance in clinical research.

eConsent Software For Clinical Trials (How To Get Started)

Using Mosio’s text messaging software, you can automate study communications for better adherence, engagement, and data collection. From distributing eConsent forms to providing reminders and follow-ups, Mosio’s text messaging software can enhance study communication and leave no room for inconsistency. It’s a game-changer for clinical research teams.

REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. When used in conjunction with Mosio, REDCap provides an ideal platform for storing and tracking eConsent forms in clinical research. The two platforms can streamline your research workflows and neatly integrate with all your existing clinical research processes.

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