The pandemic has changed the dynamics of functioning and operations in all industries of business. Some have been hit extremely hard, paralyzed until the world returns to “normal,” others are evolving to a new way of doing business, such as getting used to remote workforces. 

In this interview with Moe Alsumidaie from CliniBiz, we cover the changes in clinical trials currently, adaptations made to keep exiting trials running, and discuss how decentralized clinical trials (virtual or remote clinical trials) are a reality coming sooner than later in clinical research.

About Clinibiz

CliniBiz is an Integrated Research Organization (IRO) that partners with Sponsors and investigative sites to enrich clinical operations and business by embodying into site administration and executing clinical trials.

Their vision is to make clinical trials more abundant and affordable to Sponsors by investing in technology and novel clinical operational processes, thereby expanding Sponsor access to clinical trials and enabling more patients to access novel therapeutics.

About Moe Alsumidaie, MBA, MSF – Founder, Head of Research

Moe is an industry expert with strong connections with top biopharmaceutical enterprises. With 14+ years in clinical trials working inside of Fortune 100 & 500 biopharmaceutical enterprises, Moe also serves as an editorial board member on several publications, and regularly chairs industry conferences.

Moe’s expertise includes commercialization, raising awareness through communications and publication strategies, market strategy, and researching health outcomes through computer data science models.

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