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For many principal investigators, Mosio is worth the investment. Based on many web-based surveys and interviews, our software has helped these research professionals save time and money by automating their many everyday tasks like informing participants of new information, ensuring optimal compliance, sending customized messages, and much more! In order for the team to perform at their best, the PI needs innovative and efficient tools. Here is a more detailed description of reasons why principal investigators appreciate using Mosio in their studies.

1. It provides you with ready-to-analyze data

One of the primary responsibilities of a principal investigator is to maintain and ensure the integrity of scientific data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations governing the conduct of the research. Instead of relying on paper surveys and manual data entry to perform this task, you can use Mosio’s platform to quickly export the data to CSV. Rest assured that the privacy of your patients is carefully protected, and the confidentiality of data will always be well-maintained on our platform.

2. Mosio enables a more efficient use of resources

When you use Mosio, you’ll definitely enjoy some much needed cost savings. Depending on your specific needs, we can help you save money on certain tasks involving research assistants, participant devices, phone calls, follow-ups, emails, appointment reminders, data entry, printing and postage, and time spent chasing down participants by replacing these mundane responsibilities with efficient automation. By offering innovative features that eliminate so much manual busy work like sending appointment reminders and leaving voicemails, you’ll enjoy a more efficient use of resources when you place your complete trust in Mosio. Not only will our services save you a lot of money, the revolutionary features of our platform will also free up valuable time. That way you can focus more time on the tasks that require your individual attention and professional expertise.

3. You can automate routine messages

During the course of the research, the principal investigator has to keep patients fully informed of any new information that may affect their willingness to continue to participate in the study. Many PI’s have commented that they love our convenient “Set It and Forget It” automation to deliver messages and reminders regarding new study information. For your peace of mind, the delivery of these automated messages can be calendar-based, time-based or event-triggered. Once you set up these automated routine messages, you can focus on other important tasks while the system does the work for you.

4. You’re able to reach participants anywhere

Before the start of any research, PI’s need to make sure that all of the participants are thoroughly informed of the risks and benefits of the study. The good news is that Mosio has made reaching out to participants extremely easy. While informed consent can also be obtained on paper, with our revolutionary platform, you can ensure that the patients completely understand the risks involved in the study by sending a text message on the device that they never leave home without: their mobile phones!
Our research has shown that patients are more likely to respond to this simple and easy communication.

5. You can customize message flows

As a successful PI, you have the authority to send respondents down different paths in a survey. Based on variables like participant responses and embedded data, Mosio can effectively customize message flows to the patients by simply tailoring the text messages using branch logic. The main benefit of this key feature on our platform is that study participants only receive the messages that are relevant for them.

6. It helps improve compliance

Since the success of a study largely depends on if the PI adheres to protocols and policies for research subjects along with the procedures for using investigational new drugs and/or devices for clinical research, Mosio is a great option if you would like to ensure optimal compliance in your research. Our proven text messaging software will allow you to easily follow-up automatically with non-responders and to collect responses reliably in the format you need.

7. Mosio integrates with REDCap

According to many surveys and interviews with our clients, using Mosio makes the integration of REDCap much better. REDcap is a revolutionary tool for research and data collection, but you will be able to get more out of this software when we integrate the platform with automated and interactive text messaging that can be sent directly to the participants’ mobile phone. The deployed text messages can be used to gather participant data, ensure completion of study tasks, deliver gift code incentives, offer support during the study, and much more. When you place your trust in Mosio, you won’t need to learn and use a second piece of software with REDCap.

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