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[VIDEO] Mosio Customer Q&A: How can we improve patient engagement in clinical trials with adolescents and caregivers?

Your questions, answered, by Mosio Co-Founder and CEO, Noel Chandler. VIDEO QUESTIONS + Our trial involves adolescent patients and we want to be able to send them text messages, but also their parents/caregivers. Can you talk about…
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🔑 The Key Roles in Clinical Trial Patient Engagement

Don't let your Clinical Trials become too hot to handle this summer - Chill out with the latest trends in Patient Recruitment and Retention News! Mosio Exclusive: Text Messaging and Wearables in Clinical Trials: Two Great Technologies…
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Text Messaging and Wearables in Clinical Trials: Two great technologies that go well together

There's been a growing buzz around the use of wearable devices in clinical research...And for good reason! These types of devices have the potential to change the game, from the type of data we're collecting, to the way we're collecting…