The Effect of Text Messaging on Medication Adherence

At this point, most professionals in the healthcare industry have heard of the potential for text messaging to increase medication adherence. It's one of the main ways that text messaging is being used in mHealth applications because it's simple…
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Best of Patient Recruitment and Retention News – August 2015

Impress your friends at summer picnics by dropping some knowledge from the hottest trending news for clinical trials. Have one to share? Tweet it to us at @Mosio. Mosio Exclusive: Increased Popularity of SMS Opens Opportunities for…
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Ignite the Power of Your Patient Database With Text Messaging

Study enrollment is a huge challenge in clinical research, despite research sites spending heavily to improve their success in this area. When research sites keep patient databases clean and up-to-date, they are the best resource to help meet…
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Increased Popularity of SMS Opens Opportunities for Clinical Researchers

We know very well that people all over the world are continuously glued to their mobile devices and that texting has indeed become the new way of “talking” to each other. However, new statistics show that our text exchange has skyrocketed…

Research Data Collection Methods via Text Message

Data collected from clinical trials can show that a drug is better than, equivalent to, or worse than an existing drug. It can show that a medical device does indeed improve the quality of life for patients with an existing medical condition,…
Patient engagement in a clinical trial

Increase Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial via Two-Way Text Messaging Software

Word-of-mouth plays a key role in the success of any medical office and in increasing Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial. Need a doctor in a new specialty? Ask your current office whom they would recommend. Looking to switch doctors? Ask…
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5 Ways Text Messaging Improves Public Health Research Studies

With Public Health research studies on the rise, it is only a matter of time before secure text messaging is used in these studies to increase effectiveness and ease. As matters of Public Health tend to be common amongst the greater population,…
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HIMSS Blog: The New New Things in m Health Text Messaging

The New New Things in m Health Text Messaging As a follow up to our chapter about reaching teens and young adults in the HIMSS book, mHealth Innovation: Best Practices from the Mobile Frontier (HIMSS Books, 2014), we were asked to blog about…