Market Your Core Indications for Optimal Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial sites traditionally market individual trials for patient recruitment using advertising materials and/or budgets given to them by sponsors. A sponsor-provided budget is typically $3000 - $5000, which isn't much considering the…
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Why You're Not Meeting Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trial Goals?

Patient recruitment for clinical trial is important for sites, sponsors, and CROs, as it affects the potential outcome and value of the clinical trial. For sites especially, meeting these goals is vital to keep a solid reputation and continue…
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Clinical Trial Recruitment Success Via Text Messaging

Recruitment: the perpetually challenging aspect of clinical trials. As one of the most important parts of running a clinical trial (no patients, no trial, right?), recruitment is a large focus for those involved in clinical research. …
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How Text Messaging and the Mobile Web Improve Academic Research – Public Health, Clinical Trials, etc.

In an economy where grants and funding are few and far between, success in research trials is vital.  As blogger Mike the Mad Biologist points out, it is almost as hard to get an NIH grant, as it is to get into Harvard (6% acceptance rate for…
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Clinical Trials Patient Text Messaging Software and Solutions

  We updated our one sheet of mobile software and services for medical research and clinical trials. You can either scroll down to access our Clinical Trials Patient Text Messaging Software, read it or download the pdf here. Text…