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Stop Using Consumer Messaging Apps for Patient Communications

Stop Using Consumer Messaging Apps for Patient Communications The success of a clinical trial or study greatly depends on participant interest, engagement, and completion. 85% of clinical studies fail to retain enough participants, an average…
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7 Ways to Increase Clinical Trial Patient Engagement with SMS

7 Ways to Increase Clinical Trial Patient Engagement with SMS Try to pinpoint one area of your clinical trial that, if improved, would positively impact the rest of the trial...All the way down to the resulting data. What would it be? While…

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Text Messaging in Clinical Research

Text messages can greatly improve clinical research on multiple levels, according to Applied Clinical Trials. Study outcomes show that text messages enhance patient behavioral outcomes, increase the likelihood of patients showing up to…
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Text Messaging: The Ultimate Tool for BYOD in Clinical Trials

"Bring your own device", or BYOD, is becoming a new trend in clinical trials. Sponsors, CROs, and investigators are starting to realize the ease and utility that BYOD brings to trial planning and operation. In a recent study by Icon, the…
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Improving Patient Engagement with Text Messaging: The Relationship-Centric Technology

Can technology bring people closer together and enhance clinical trial patient engagement? We think so, as does pharma executive Tom O'Leary, CIO at ICON. According to his most recent article on, O'Leary says, "Relationship-centric…

Spotlight on Text Messaging to Promote Medication Adherence

Medication non-adherence for patients is a huge deal in both the healthcare and clinical research sectors. It is estimated that the total potential healthcare savings from medication adherence is $290 billion, or 13% of health spending. Half…
Patient engagement in a clinical trial

Increase Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial via Two-Way Text Messaging Software

Word-of-mouth plays a key role in the success of any medical office and in increasing Patient Engagement in Clinical Trial. Need a doctor in a new specialty? Ask your current office whom they would recommend. Looking to switch doctors? Ask…
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How text messages (Telemedecine) can keep a clinical trial on track

As outlined by Dr. Neal Meropol of University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, keeping a clinical trial on track is difficult. Really difficult. Hardship arises in three main areas: Staffing Shortages Fast-Paced Study Protocol Structures …