We love being in clinical research. While we take our jobs very seriously, we also love celebrating those who have fun and provide useful information about being in our industry. There’s no better place for that than TikTok. There are many things that make a TikTok great, but the most important is entertainment value. We salute these individuals and others who are clearly having fun, helping the world learn more about careers in clinical research and clinical trials.


Answer to @distunguished_kay This is how it feels to work in clinical research #clinicalresearch #clinicalresearchcoordinator #research #brain #work

♬ original sound – hayusocial

Too hard to explain what a Clinical Research Coordinator does…so I’m an #accountant #job #work #fyp #fypシ #research #medical #healthcare #nobodyasks

♬ As An Accountant – Rocky Paterra

If you’re currently working in clinical research:
Many research teams love our software, which makes it easy to integrate into your existing workflow. The Mosio platform helps you automate your engagement, adherence and data collection-related tasks, making it easier for you to communicate with study subjects. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up for the platform, please contact us or get more information about our pricing and plans.

If you’re looking to get into the clinical research industry:
There are many clinical research careers that are available to individuals with a Bachelor’s degree. The first step in starting a career as a clinical researcher is deciding which type of clinical research job you would like to do. There are many other aspects to consider when searching for the right career, such as your education, experience and additional certifications. Follow some of these TikTokkers above for more information about getting into the industry!