17 Great Clinical Research Memes

Memes are now such a regular part of our lives, that there are numerous research studies conducted on them and how they help us related to society and culture. "Employees are naturally talking about these things online; employers should learn…
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April News: 7 Recruitment Tips and the Transformation of Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment and Retention News - Apr 2016 April showers bring more power...to your clinical trials! Stay up to date with what’s trending in Patient Recruitment and Retention News.  Mosio Exclusive: First and foremost, Join…
Mobile health technology

How Text Messaging and the Mobile Web Improve Academic Research - Public Health, Clinical Trials, etc.

In an economy where grants and funding are few and far between, success in research trials is vital.  As blogger Mike the Mad Biologist points out, it is almost as hard to get an NIH grant, as it is to get into Harvard (6% acceptance rate for…
Patient Adherence Via Text Messaging

Optimizing Patient Adherence Via Text Messaging Concurrently with Web-Based Smoking Cessation Treatment

It is interesting to note that smokers—in the millions—turn to the internet for assistance to quit the bad habit of smoking. However, no matter how interactive or perfectly designed the website is, minimal engagement is seen when it comes…