Hospitals, SMOs, and CTRCs

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Academic hospitals, SMOs, and CTRCs rely on Mosio’s SMS platform to more seamlessly conduct regulatory-compliant clinical research and ensure quality clinical research operations in the following ways:

Increase Recruitment and Screening Efficiency

Study sites oftentimes have to go through medical records to screen individual patients, which can drain time and resources. Coordinators have to go through medical records and qualify patients.

With Mosio’s suite of research services, these types of tasks are streamlined via text messaging recruitment and screening by allowing the system to weed uninterested patients out from the gate. The coordinator can screen just those patients who are truly interested in participation and efficiently qualify them, which is far more effective.

Facilitators and Barriers to Patient Recruitment

Appointment/Study Visit Reminders

Missed study visits are a big problem in for academic hospitals, SMOs, and CTRCs because patients need to be adherent with protocols. Protocols are typically not designed to fit a patient’s lifestyle (ie, patients have to come in to physician visits twice a week).

Mosio’s Appointment Reminders help patients get around this challenge by confirming trial participants will attend their upcoming appointments ahead of time and include any instructions to prepare them for this appointment. Understanding the importance of incorporating these behavioral modifications has given Mosio the leg up on helping clients produce better health outcomes for their clinical trials.

Mosio's Text Message Appointment Reminders

Improve Patient Engagement

Researchers at academic hospitals, SMOs, and CTRCs can only do so much to engage patients and prevent them from dropping out with the amount of work they already have to execute. Mosio’s predictive analytics at study sites can enable research coordinators to gauge which patients are at risk of dropping out and encourage research coordinators to intervene proactively. Mosio’s award-winning mobile software keeps patients engaged with timely text alerts and reminders.

Ensure HIPAA and 21 CFR 11 Compliance

Mosio’s team of experts understands the implications of regulatory non-compliant practice with clinical trials and helps research hospitals, SMOs, and CTRCs rest easy in knowing that Mosio’s platform was designed to solve the challenges of technology while maintaining HIPAA and 21 CFR 11 compliance.

Improve the Collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs)

The struggle with having patients fill out PROs in a timely fashion (a good portion of patients do not even report their PROs because they either forget or are not engaged) can be costly, not to mention frustrating for research staff.

Mosio’s suite of services helps to overcome these challenges by providing an easy reminder system and a convenient, remote way for patients to complete their PROs electronically via their mobile device (ePROs) without going to the research site for a visit.

Reduce Time-to-Entry for Missing EDC Data

Some SMOs monitor study sites to ensure quality operations. Time to data entry (or time-to-entry) is something that SMOs are looking at when evaluating study site performance and capacity. Noncompliant study site participants, for example, exhibit longer times from study visit to data entry into Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems.

Mosio’s surveys feature can remind research coordinators of those who need to enter their data in a more timely fashion and shorten the time-to-entry ratio.

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