Automated Text Messaging Software for Smoking Cessation, Vaping, and e-Cigarette Studies

Mosio’s text messaging software enables research teams to communicate more efficiently with study participants.

One-Stop Solution for Sending Reminders, Text-Based Interventions, and Surveys

Medical research is the cornerstone of healthcare advancements. Still, the traditional methods of data collection are often time-consuming and costly. Mosio, an automated text messaging solution for researchers, can offer a range of benefits to those managing smoking cessation studies, which are based on vaping or tobacco use. Mosio works to streamline participant engagement through text messaging, delivering reminders, personalized interventions, and surveys. This real-time communication helps monitor progress and adjust interventions promptly.

Mosio ensures data collection compliance, maintains privacy, and customizes messages to study needs. Offering a single platform for reminders, interventions, and data collection simplifies the study process, boosts participant engagement, and facilitates data-driven insights crucial for effective smoking cessation strategies.

Seamless Dialogue Between Study Subjects and Researchers

Mosio’s platform is designed to offer flexibility to configure the system based on specific needs. This helps to foster seamless dialogue in smoking cessation studies. It enables real-time, two-way text communication between study subjects and researchers, allowing personalized support and intervention delivery. Researchers can send automated alerts, reminders and surveys, including “nudges,” to ensure tasks are completed. The platform also allows for the effortless gathering of smoking-related data via text.

This streamlined interaction enhances participant engagement and provides researchers with valuable insights into individual progress.

Extended Opportunities for Data Analysis

Mosio gathers rich and timely data on smoking behaviors and intervention responses by facilitating real-time two-way communication between researchers and participants. This data can be instantly accessed and analyzed, allowing researchers to identify trends, assess the effectiveness of interventions, and make informed adjustments.

Mosio’s platform also offers structured data management, allowing the creation of surveys and the prompt movement of CSV files, which simplifies the analysis process. Participants also have the “TextChat” option to enable dialogue with researchers if they have questions.

With an extended capacity for data analysis, researchers can gain deeper insights into smoking cessation strategies, refine approaches, and ultimately contribute to more successful outcomes in their studies.

Mosio and REDCap Integration: Harmonizing Systems

Mosio’s integration with REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) creates a harmonized system for seamless data management and participant engagement in a smoking cessation study. Data collected on Mosio is seamlessly integrated into REDCap for comprehensive analysis.

This integration eliminates data silos, streamlines communication, and ensures data accuracy, simplifying the research process.

Automated Study Participant Interactions

Everyone gets distracted, but with Mosio, you are confident that each participant is engaged and looks forward to each interaction. For example, Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™ module helps you pre-schedule, send messages, and keep track of participants even in longer-term studies.  

The automated nature of these interactions reduces the burden on research staff and ensures consistency and timeliness in delivering support. It empowers researchers to maintain ongoing participant engagement critical for successful smoking cessation outcomes.

Engaging Study Subjects via Their Mobile Devices

As an effective mobile solution for medical research communication, Mosio engages study subjects via their mobile devices, with no apps or software, just basic text.

Study participants can conveniently access and respond to messages on their own devices, making it easier to stay committed to delivering responses.

Mosio’s approach leverages the ubiquity of mobile technology, optimizing engagement and improving the chances of a successful study.

Advantages for Lead Researchers and Research Teams

Mosio streamlines communication with study participants, ensuring timely, enhanced engagement. Automated text message reminders like the “Nudge” help remind participants about medication schedules and survey participation to reduce administrative workload.

Instant access to participant data collected through text messaging facilitates quick decision-making and intervention adjustments. Personalized text-based interventions can be delivered through “TextChat” based on individual participant needs and progress.

Mosio ensures data privacy and HIPAA compliance, alleviating data security and regulatory compliance concerns. Research teams can align Mosio with their specific requirements and goals of the smoking cessation study.

Mosio’s text messaging streamlines participant interactions and data collection, optimizing the overall efficiency of the smoking cessation study.

Meeting HIPAA Standards (Compliant with GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11)

Mosio’s platform ensures privacy, data security, and HIPAA compliance, creating a conducive, open, and effective communication environment. To protect the confidentiality and integrity of participant data, Mosio employs robust data encryption techniques to ensure compliance with HIPAA and GDPR security requirements.

The platform implements stringent access controls, limiting access to authorized personnel only, in line with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Also, Mosio hosts its services on secure servers, safeguarding participant data and complying with HIPAA and GDPR hosting standards.

The platform supports compliance reporting, allowing researchers to generate reports and documentation needed for audits and regulatory checks. Mosio follows a defined SDLC and Quality Policy. Mosio is also happy to sign a BAA and is ready to go above and beyond to show how trustworthy the system is.