Add Gift Code Incentives to Your Studies

Known as a top text messaging service to the clinical research industry, Mosio strives to assist health and medical researchers with supporting optimal participant retention and engagement in studies through the use of their own mobile phone. The company is able to accomplish its admirable goal by offering your team of researchers innovative services such as automated text-based appointment and survey completion reminders, surveys for data collection, study participant verification, and much more. In order to improve participant engagement even more and keep up with client expectations and demands, our company is providing gift code incentives via our platform. While our platform already does an excellent job of keeping participants interested in the studies, Incentives in clinical trials such as our new feature are expected to significantly enhance engagement, retention, and adherence.

Throughout the years, our company has recognized that more and more clients were requesting new and fun ways to incentivize participants during the entire process of completing the study. Our digital gift codes can be used as an effective incentive that rewards participants for following instructions, showing up for appointments, taking medicine as directed, completing journals, and meeting certain study timelines.

Mosio Patient Rewards now enables researchers to deliver digital gift codes via text message when study participants complete desired research activities and actions. Participants can redeem them for dozens of brands and services, including:
Adidas, Athleta, CVS Pharmacy, Columbia Sportswear, Charity Choice, Nike, 1-800-PetSupplies, Red Door Spa, Sephora, Target, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Spa Week Spa & Wellness

Research clients have a choice of which brands they can offer to ensure the incentives are aligned with study goals.


After a participant has successfully completed a desired action, clients will then have the opportunity to send them a gift code link via a text message. The link will allow rewarded participants to visit an online marketplace and select the brand that they would like to receive the gift card from. If clients so desired, they can ensure that the selection of digital gift codes only consists of healthy brands. Although clients play a major role in ensuring that this new incentive is a big success, our company handles much of the work on the back end such as making sure that the digital gift codes are only used once and then discarded to avoid unnecessary confusion and frustration among the study participants.

Incentives in clinical trials are absolutely necessary to ensure that your research study is successfully completed in a timely manner. Many times study participants need a gentle urge to complete desired actions and digital gift codes can be just the incentive to encourage them throughout the process. Our promise to you is that the new digital gift code feature will include personalized guidance based on your study type and protocol for optimal participant engagement.


Incentives is one of the dozens of innovative ways Mosio differentiates itself from traditional mobile messaging software companies and establishes itself as an asset for the clinical research industry. Our Development Team listens to the needs of our research clients to create best-in-class research solutions on the most utilized app available on every mobile phone: text messaging.

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