Infectious Disease Research and Text Messaging

Improve engagement and adherence in your infectious disease research studies.

Efficiently Manage Reminders, Text-Based Interventions, and Data Collection with a Mosio Text Line

Mosio offers a comprehensive solution for researchers carrying out studies on Infectious diseases. Beyond reminders and data collection, you can also implement text-based interventions to support participants. This helps properly track epidemiological data while elucidating only the best conclusions.

Mosio helps in ensuring adequate Epidemiological Surveillance. This includes tracking cases, identifying sources of infection, and assessing risk factors to inform public health interventions. Whether it’s delivering educational content or collecting information, Mosio’s platform empowers you to engage with participants effectively, all in one place.

Real-Time Efficiency: Mosio’s Advantage in Participant-Researcher Communication

Mosio’s real-time text messaging capabilities transform participant-researcher communication. Researchers can instantly connect with participants, improving response rates and facilitating efficient data collection. For instance, the “TextChat” feature helps participants communicate queries and get personalized replies. 

This dynamic interaction ensures that researchers can address issues promptly and adapt research strategies on the fly, ultimately leading to more successful and participant-centric studies.

Research Efficiency: How Mosio Frees Up Time for Data Analysis

Mosio is your time-saving ally in infectious disease research. By automating participant interactions and data collection, Mosio lets researchers reclaim valuable hours that can be dedicated to thorough data analysis. Features like “Nudges” help automate routine tasks to free up time. With streamlined communication and simplified workflows, Mosio empowers you to delve deeper into your epidemiology research findings and uncover the insights that drive progress.

Mosio and REDCap Integration for Research Success

Mosio and REDCap integration is a synergy that drives research excellence. With Mosio’s text messaging platform seamlessly connected to REDCap’s data management system, researchers gain a powerful toolset to optimize their studies. 

This integration ensures epidemiology data flows seamlessly, minimizing errors and saving valuable time. Research teams can focus on their objectives, confident that the collaboration between Mosio and REDCap will result in superior infectious disease research outcomes.

Your Partner in Automating Study Subject Communications

Mosio’s automation capabilities are transforming research by simplifying study subject communications. Researchers can schedule and automate messages for various infectious disease study activities, from appointment reminders to survey distribution. 

For example, Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™ module helps you pre-schedule, send messages, and keep track of participants even in longer-term studies. This reduces administrative burdens, streamlines workflows, and keeps study subjects engaged throughout the research process.

Mobilize Your Research with Mosio: Engage Study Subjects Anywhere

Mosio enables researchers to engage study subjects via their mobile devices, breaking down communication barriers. Whether it’s sending reminders, surveys, or intervention messages, Mosio reaches participants where they are most accessible. This mobile-centric approach empowers researchers to maintain consistent contact, enhance engagement, and collect valuable data efficiently.

Perks for Principal Investigators and Research Personnel

  • Mosio promotes collaboration by providing a central platform for communication and data sharing. This helps effectively share data with the entire research team.

  • Ensures data integrity with automated data collection processes, reducing the risk of errors. Also, data collection practices stay compliant with the highest industry standards.

  • Engage effectively with study participants by fostering a stronger connection between researchers and subjects in infectious diseases research.

  • Streamlined research workflows, enabling research teams to achieve more in less time.

HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Achieved

Mosio prioritizes adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and the FDA’s Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 11. With end-to-end encryption, strict access controls, and secure data storage, Mosio ensures the protection of sensitive patient information.

Researchers can confidently engage with patients via text messages, knowing that Mosio provides a HIPAA-compliant environment. This commitment to compliance empowers healthcare professionals to efficiently conduct infectious disease research while upholding the highest data security and privacy standards.

Data backups and production systems are strategically located worldwide to heighten security measures. Mosio maintains a well-defined SDLC and Quality Policy to ensure consistent upgrades and client support.