Automated Texting Software for HIV Prevention Research

Mosio text lines enable HIV research teams to communicate more efficiently with study subjects.

A Unified Platform for Sending Reminders, Text-Based Interventions, and Data Collection

In HIV studies, Mosio offers a unified platform for sending reminders, delivering text-based interventions, and collecting vital data. Researchers can schedule automated text reminders for HIV testing, medication adherence, or follow-up appointments.

Simultaneously, data collection is streamlined through surveys delivered via text, ensuring real-time information on participant behaviors and risk factors. Mosio’s platform simplifies communication, empowers participant engagement, and centralizes data collection, facilitating comprehensive analysis to inform effective HIV prevention strategies while maintaining privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Enhanced Engagement and Connectivity between Researchers and each Participant

Mosio strengthens engagement and connectivity between researchers and each participant in HIV studies. Mosio’s two-way text messaging platform establishes a direct and accessible channel for personalized communication.

This immediate and continuous connection bolsters engagement by addressing questions and concerns, and providing timely interventions. Mosio also encourages participants to actively participate in surveys and data collection.

Greater Capacity for In-Depth Data Evaluation

In an HIV risk and prevention study, Mosio enhances the capacity for in-depth data evaluation. Researchers can utilize Mosio’s two-way text messaging platform to import detailed CSV files into your preferred Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software for analysis.

This continuous data stream provides a wealth of information for in-depth analysis, allowing researchers to identify trends, assess the effectiveness of prevention strategies, and tailor interventions accordingly.

Mosio and REDCap Integration: Harmonized Connectivity

Mosio’s integration with REDCap in an HIV study creates a harmonized system that optimizes research efficiency. Researchers can seamlessly send automated text reminders, deliver interventions, and collect participant data using Mosio’s platform. This data is then seamlessly integrated into REDCap for comprehensive analysis.

The integration eliminates data silos, streamlines communication, and ensures data accuracy. With Mosio and REDCap integration, researchers can focus on in-depth data analysis, driving more effective HIV risk assessment and prevention strategies.

Automate Your Study Participant Communications

In an HIV prevalence study, Mosio facilitates the automation of study participant communications. This is done through the TextChat feature. Researchers can schedule and send automated text message reminders through “Nudges” for HIV testing, dedicated tasks, and medication adherence.

Research teams can automate personalized text-based interventions to deliver risk-reduction strategies, support, and information. Additionally, data collection is streamlined through automated text surveys, enabling researchers to gather critical information efficiently.

This helps to enhance participant adherence and involvement and allows researchers to focus on data analysis and the development of the entire study.

Engagement via Participants’ Personal Mobile Devices

In HIV studies, Mosio empowers engagement via participants’ personal mobile devices. This fosters feelings of anonymity and privacy while helping to boost trust.

Researchers can interact directly and deliver real-time support through two-way text messaging. This accessible and familiar channel encourages active participation, as participants can conveniently respond and provide feedback on their devices.

By leveraging participants’ personal mobile devices, Mosio strengthens engagement, making it a pivotal tool in pursuing effective HIV research and prevention strategies.

Positives for Primary Researchers and Research Team

By leveraging participants’ personal mobile devices, Mosio strengthens engagement, making it a pivotal tool in pursuing effective HIV research and prevention strategies. 

  •       Mosio provides instant access to participant data, enabling quicker analysis and informed decision-making.

  •       Mosio reduces administrative workload by automating real-time communication with participants through text messages.

  •       Automated Engagement and interventions through the “Nudge” feature ensure participant adherence, allowing researchers to focus on study design and analysis.

  •       Researchers can efficiently customize the entire process while adapting the study to evolving needs.

  •       Automated processes help maintain consistent, repeatable results while boosting participant engagement.

Compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations

Mosio guarantees that data handling in the HIV study complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11. This safeguards privacy and regulatory requirements while advancing HIV research and prevention initiatives.

  1.     Data Encryption: Mosio employs advanced encryption protocols to protect sensitive participant data, meeting HIPAA and GDPR data security requirements.

  2.     Access Control: The platform enforces stringent access controls, allowing authorized personnel to handle data in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

  3.     Audit Trails: Detailed audit trails track all system interactions and data access, which is crucial for regulatory compliance.

  4.     User Authentication: Mosio verifies user identities with authentication measures, aligning with HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

  5.     Privacy Policies: The platform ensures participant data privacy through transparent and GDPR-compliant privacy policies.

  6.     Secure Messaging: Secure channels for text communication protect the transmission of confidential information, adhering to HIPAA and GDPR standards.

  7.     User compatibility: Mosio follows a defined SDLC and Quality Policy. We are also ready to sign a BAA while working with your IT team to streamline our services just for you.