More Efficient Environmental Health Research Communications

Two-way text messaging for environmental health research teams to improve engagement and adherence with study subjects.

Send Reminders, Text-Based Interventions Information, and Gather Data from a Single Platform

Why juggle multiple platforms when you can do it all with Mosio? Environmental health research is the cornerstone of healthcare advancements. Still, the traditional methods of data collection can be time-consuming and costly. Mosio streamlines work for investigators conducting studies on air quality, water quality, and other public health-based research.

With Mosio, you can send study reminders, deliver text-based interventions, and gather research data seamlessly. Mosio’s user-friendly platform simplifies research operations, ensuring that you have everything you need in one place to run successful studies.

Supporting Efficient Participant-Researcher Interactions

Mosio is at the forefront of enhancing participant-researcher interaction. Researchers can foster efficient and meaningful engagement by providing a user-friendly platform for text-based communication. Features like “TextChat” allow real-time communication between each participant. This helps to answer study-related questions and address ambiguous situations.

Additional features like “Nudges” help automate reminders for tasks. This streamlined approach empowers researchers to communicate, clarify instructions, and collect data efficiently, making research experiences smoother and more productive for all parties involved.

Extended Opportunities for Data Analysis

Mosio’s efficiency doesn’t just save time; it enhances research productivity. Researchers can now allocate more hours to data analysis, ensuring that research outcomes are well-informed and comprehensive. The collected data is sorted in easy-to-read and write formats to hasten analysis and transfer.

Mosio’s seamless data collection and participant engagement processes redefine research efficiency, providing the time and opportunity to maximize the depth and quality of environmental health data analysis.

Maximizing Research Potential: Mosio and REDCap Integration

Unlock the full potential of public health research with Mosio’s integration with REDCap. This dynamic partnership streamlines data collection and management, offering researchers a comprehensive solution to achieve their goals. Mosio’s efficient communication platform and REDCap’s data expertise maximize research outcomes. Dive deeper into your data, make informed decisions, and drive impactful research outcomes through this powerful integration.

Streamline Your Study with Mosio’s Automated Subject Communications

Mosio empowers researchers to automate study subject communications, providing a seamless and efficient research experience. From sending surveys to delivering intervention messages, Mosio takes care of it all. With the support of Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™, you can pre-schedule text message sequences in long-term environmental health studies. This simplifies workflows and ensures that study subjects stay informed and engaged throughout the study, leading to more successful research outcomes.

Incorporating Participants’ Personal Mobile Technology

Harness the power of mobile engagement with Mosio’s text messaging platform. Researchers can effortlessly connect with study subjects on their preferred devices, fostering active participation. By meeting study subjects where they are – on their mobile devices – Mosio ensures that research interactions are seamless and convenient, ultimately driving better engagement and data quality.

How Mosio Empowers Lead Researchers and Teams

Data Quality Assurance

Mosio’s automated data collection ensures accuracy and reliability, leading to higher-quality research outcomes.

Enhanced Participant Engagement

Engage study participants via text messaging, promoting active involvement and timely responses.

Time Efficiency

Reduce administrative burdens, allowing lead researchers and teams to allocate more time to data analysis and strategic planning.

Seamless Communication

Facilitate easy communication and coordination among team members, improving overall research efficiency.

Adhering to HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements

Ethical guidelines and data privacy are paramount in environmental health studies. Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 can be daunting, but Mosio simplifies the process. Our platform seamlessly integrates data security, privacy, and integrity measures that align with these guidelines.

Researchers no longer need to juggle multiple compliance concerns; Mosio streamlines compliance into a cohesive solution, allowing researchers to focus on their studies with the assurance that their data remains compliant and secure across all three fronts.

Mosio ensures compliance with client-specific and regulatory demands in critical domains, including role-based restricted access, validation, data safeguarding, data retrieval, audit trails, timestamping, and comprehensive system training documentation.

Also, while boosting security, data backup and production systems are geographically distributed worldwide. To ensure consistent enhancements and top-tier client support, Mosio strictly follows a structured Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and maintains a comprehensive Quality Policy.