Automated Text Messaging for Cardiovascular Research

Better communications between cardiovascular research teams and their patients through automated text messaging.

A Centralized Platform for Sending Reminders, Text-Based Interventions, and Data Collection

Mosio revolutionizes cardiovascular research processes by offering a single platform for sending reminders, implementing text-based interventions, and collecting research data. This streamlined approach saves time and enhances participant engagement and data quality.

Mosio is highly essential for studies based on heart attack prevention and blood pressure. With Mosio, you can elevate your research efficiency and achieve more meaningful research outcomes.

Seamless Dialogue Between Study Subjects and Researchers

Mosio is shaping the future of participant-researcher interaction. Its innovative text messaging platform simplifies communication, making it more efficient and effective. Mosio features like “Nudges” help set reminders to regularly assess cardiovascular vitals and complete tasks.

Researchers can build stronger relationships with study participants, foster collaboration, and ensure participants remain actively engaged. This innovative approach is changing how research is conducted, making it more participant-centric, efficient, and ultimately more successful.

More Time for Data Analysis

In the era of data-driven cardiovascular research, Mosio is your indispensable partner. By automating participant interactions and data collection, Mosio liberates researchers from administrative tasks, granting them the luxury of more time for in-depth data analysis. In addition, collected data is easily formatted and transferable to your Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software. 

This extra time isn’t just a convenience; it’s a catalyst for groundbreaking research that makes a real impact. With Mosio, researchers in heart attack prevention studies can elevate their data analysis game and drive the future of research forward.

Transforming Research with Mosio and REDCap Integration

Prepare for a research transformation with Mosio and REDCap integration. This collaboration harmonizes data collection, management, and communication, making research workflows more efficient and effective.

Researchers can confidently expect improved data quality, streamlined processes, and outstanding research outcomes. Harness the potential of Mosio and REDCap integration to propel your research to new heights and make a lasting impact in your field.

Automating Study Subject Interactions with Mosio

Mosio’s automation features are a game-changer for study subject interactions. Researchers can set up automated messages using Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™ feature for onboarding, data collection, and interventions. This saves time and ensures that study subjects receive the right information at the right time, without manual intervention. Mosio makes it easy for researchers to automate study-subject interactions, providing a seamless and efficient research experience.

Engaging Study Subjects via Their Mobile Devices

Mosio revolutionizes research by engaging study subjects via their mobile devices. Features like the “TextChat” help exchange information between researchers and participants. This approach simplifies communication, enhances response rates, and ensures that study subjects actively participate in cardiovascular monitoring research activities.

Researchers can seize the opportunity to collect valuable data and insights efficiently, all while delivering a participant-centric experience that meets study subjects where they are – on their mobile devices.

Mosio is a Game-Changer for Lead Researchers and Research Teams

Improved Data Management

Mosio simplifies cardiovascular monitoring data collection and management, reducing data entry errors and ensuring data accuracy.

Efficient Participant Communication

Engage participants via text messaging, increasing response rates and data collection efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster collaboration among research team members through streamlined communication and data sharing.

Time and Resource Savings

Save time and resources by automating reminders, surveys, and data collection, allowing researchers to focus on analysis and innovation.

Ensuring HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 Conformity

As a two-way text messaging platform for research, Mosio places data security and compliance at the forefront. With robust encryption, stringent access controls, and secure data storage, Mosio guarantees adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), safeguarding patient data. Furthermore, it simplifies compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through features like consent management and data encryption.

Mosio’s dedication to 21 CFR Part 11 for clinical trials and pharmaceutical research shines with electronic signatures and audit trails. Researchers can rely on Mosio to maintain compliance while conducting efficient and secure research.

To fortify security, data backup, and production systems are deployed globally. Mosio diligently follows a structured SDLC and Quality Policy for continuous upgrades and robust client support.