Cancer Prevention Research Made Better with Text Messaging

Mosio empowers cancer prevention research teams to communicate more efficiently with patients.

A Unified Platform for Reminders, Text-Based Interventions, and Data Retrieval

The process of data collection for cancer screening is often daunting, but Mosio makes it straightforward. With each study, Mosio brings data collection to a whole new level.

Researchers in cancer-focused studies can create surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires, then distribute them via text message, effortlessly collecting valuable data in one centralized location.

Mosio’s user-friendly interface makes navigating the platform easier for cancer survivors and individuals undergoing screening. The platform also simplifies real-time data tracking, ensuring researchers have everything they need at their fingertips.

Effective Participant-Researcher Communication

Mosio’s text messaging platform strengthens the bond between participants and researchers. With its intuitive “TextChat” interface, cancer study researchers can easily maintain ongoing communication with study participants.

Whether sharing updates, clarifying instructions, or collecting feedback, Mosio facilitates seamless two-way conversations. This enhanced interaction improves research outcomes and ensures participants are actively engaged and informed throughout the study.

Ample Time for Comprehensive Data Analysis

Mosio revolutionizes cancer study data analysis by providing real-time access to data. Researchers can instantly retrieve participant responses, making monitoring cancer-related trends easier, identifying outliers, and adjusting research strategies on the fly. 

This dynamic approach enhances the depth and accuracy of data analysis, opening doors to more timely insights and informed decision-making. Also, collected data is moved seamlessly through CSV files.

Mosio’s contribution to research is not just in data collection but in enabling researchers to leverage data analysis opportunities as they unfold.

Enhanced Compatibility: Mosio and REDCap Collaborate

Efficiency takes center stage as Mosio and REDCap join forces for research excellence. The integration of these two platforms streamlines research operations by facilitating a smooth data transition from Mosio’s text messaging platform to REDCap’s data management system.

Researchers can now harmonize their data collection and analysis processes, reducing duplication of effort and ensuring data consistency. With Mosio and REDCap working in harmony, research teams can easily optimize their workflows and achieve research success.

Spend Less Time On Cancer Study Subject Communication Through Automation

Mosio’s automation features are a game-changer for cancer study participant interactions. Researchers can set up automated messages for participant onboarding, data collection, and intervention delivery. For example, Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™ module helps you pre-schedule, send messages, and keep track of participants even in longer-term studies. 

Mosio’s intuitive platform ensures that participants receive the right message simultaneously without manual intervention. This streamlines cancer research operations and enhances participant engagement, as they receive timely and personalized communication. Mosio makes it easy for researchers to automate participant interactions, providing a seamless and efficient research experience.

Study Subjects Employ Their Mobile Devices

With Mosio, research subjects are just a text message away; no foreign software or apps need to be used. The platform facilitates seamless engagement via mobile devices, making it convenient for cancer survivors and study participants to stay connected and actively involved in studies.

Benefits for Chief Researchers and Research Personnel

  • Mosio uses the “Nudge” functionality to automate participant reminders, saving time and ensuring study activities stay on schedule.

  • Research teams can collaborate seamlessly through “TextChat” on Mosio to share participant insights, coordinate efforts efficiently and reply to participant queries.

  • Mosio provides instant access to participant responses, enabling researchers to analyze cancer study data in real time.

Mosio prioritizes data security, safeguarding sensitive participant information, and giving researchers peace of mind

Mosio takes a comprehensive approach to compliance, addressing the requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, and 21 CFR Part 11 in the realm of cancer research. Our platform offers robust data encryption, stringent access controls, and meticulous audit trails, ensuring data security, privacy, and integrity.

Cancer study researchers can confidently conduct their studies, knowing that Mosio’s integrated solution seamlessly aligns with these critical guidelines, preserving participant privacy and upholding the credibility of research outcomes.

Mosio strictly adheres to a well-defined SDLC and Quality Policy. Moreover, Mosio is eager to commit to a BAA, showcasing our unwavering dedication to establishing the utmost trustworthiness of our system.