Text Messaging for Healthcare, Health, and Wellness Services

Deliver health services and information to more people.

"Mosio has helped our company deliver healthcare information to those who need it most."
- Liz Howarth, U.S. Health Connect

mHealth Software and Solutions

Patients and healthcare providers need effective mHealth technologies for more accessible, comprehensive healthcare.

Mosio's solutions provide efficient, private, effective ways for health professionals, counselors and information specialists to provide patients with more inclusive healthcare via text messaging and mobile web services in two main areas:

    - Health and Wellness Services
    - Healthcare Communication Services

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Patients are texting on their phones more than they are talking

Mosio's 2-way text messaging communication technology helps health organizations extend their outreach to patients using their preferred method of communication. Our software receives their text messages and lets you respond by typing on a secure website, keeping patient data safe.

Medication Reminders via Text Message

Health and Wellness Use Cases

  • Health Education
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • STD and HIV Prevention
  • Public Health Services and Information
  • Suicide Textlines
  • Addiction Counseling and Support
  • Teen and Young Adult Sexual Education
  • Support for Living with Diseases
  • Wellness and Nutrition
  • Alerts and Notices for Preventative Care

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Pharmacy and Prescription Refill Reminders via Text Messaging

Healthcare Communication Services

  • Pre/Post Natal Support
  • Prescription Refill and Medication Reminders
  • Newborn and Infant Care
  • Reminders for Scheduled Appointments
  • Test Results
  • Lactation Consulting and Support
  • Teen and Young Adult Services
  • Discharge Planning and Feedback

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Simple and More Efficient Than Phone Calls

Mosio's mHealth solutions provide efficient, effective ways for health professionals, counselors and information specialists to communicate with patients via text messaging and mobile web services.

No hardware to buy or software to install. Manage all of your health services in a single web-based interface.

How it Works

Patients seeking health information and services text questions from their mobile phones to your organization. Your health specialists respond via a website interface, providing real-time 2-way conversations.

Additional info such as links, mobile web surveys and click-to-call numbers can be sent with ease.

Privacy and Data Security

Mosio’s Mobile Platform has SSL encryption, the same security feature used in online banking. The platform also gives you the ability to choose for users to be viewed by phone number or by Anonymous Patron ID. Phone numbers are never shown in the Anonymous view, and message history is stored only under the ID.

Mosio technical staff are trained in security management best practices by the company's Security Officer. All Mosio employees and support staff are trained about privacy sensitivity and will only share data/information with approved client account administrators, as needed.

Mosio contractors do not have direct access to sensitive client data and any contractor development work goes through an extensive code review before being uploaded to our platform, databases or systems.


Alerts and Reminders
Patient reminders, notifications, and tips are provided via text message. These alerts can be automated on a schedule, sent in mass numbers, or written individually. They can be combined with TextChat, giving patients the ability to respond and engage in interactive conversations using their mobile phones. Alerts are available in nearly all Mosio Plans.

Text Message Surveys
Surveys can be completed via SMS or mobile web page, and are used for services such as pain management, health diaries, and patient satisfaction. Surveys can be combined with Reminders and TextChat to offer a full communication package. Check our TextChat Plans and sign up for a free 14 day trial to see how Mosio can help you communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Custom Development

We will work with you to implement our messaging platform into your existing patient management software or to implement additional mobile solutions to augment your text messaging services.

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