Text Messaging Software for Addiction Research Teams

Communicate more efficiently and improve adherence in your addiction research studies.

Simplify Your Workflow: Reminders, Text-Based Interventions, and Data Collection in One Place

Mosio’s platform enables addiction and substance use researchers to maximize efficiency by combining reminders, text-based interventions, and data collection in a user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and systems—Mosio streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your research.

With Mosio, you can seamlessly manage participant communication, deliver interventions, and collect data, all from one convenient place. Research teams can simplify their addiction research process and achieve better results with Mosio.

Streamlined Interaction Between Participants and Researchers

Addiction research is often emotionally challenging for participants. Mosio works to alleviate this concern and redefine participant-researcher interaction. Researchers can now engage participants in real-time conversations, fostering a sense of involvement and trust.

Mosio’s instant messaging capabilities bridge the communication gap, making it easier to address questions, concerns, and provide support. This streamlined interaction enhances the overall research experience, ensuring participants feel heard and valued.

Also, researchers can send specialized “nudges” on the Mosio platform that ensure tasks are completed. This also allows the seamless gathering of alcoholism and substance use-related data through text. Participants also have the “TextChat” option to enable dialogue with researchers if they have questions.

Enhanced Focus on Data Analysis

Unlock new opportunities for addiction data analysis with Mosio. The platform enables researchers to collect richer, more nuanced data by facilitating seamless communication with participants.

Researchers can gather qualitative insights, conduct in-depth interviews, and receive real-time feedback, all expanding the possibilities for substance abuse data analysis. Mosio’s integrated approach empowers researchers to access a broader spectrum of information, leading to more comprehensive and insightful analyses.

Mosio and REDCap: Seamless Integration

REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. Substance use researchers can now streamline their data collection processes by connecting Mosio’s two-way text messaging platform with REDCap’s robust data management capabilities.

This integration ensures that data collected through Mosio seamlessly flows into REDCap, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. It’s a match made in addiction research heaven, allowing researchers to focus on their work while enjoying the benefits of a well-coordinated and efficient system.

Enhanced Study Participant Engagement Through Automation

Mosio has transformed how researchers interact with addiction, alcoholism and substance use study participants. With its automation capabilities, Mosio allows researchers to use Mosio’s Storyline Alerts™ to schedule and automate participant interactions effortlessly. From appointment reminders to survey follow-ups, Mosio takes the burden off manual communication, ensuring that participants receive timely and consistent messages. This automation saves addiction researchers time and improves participant engagement and study compliance, making research more efficient and participant-centric.

Participants Use Their Own Mobile Phones

Mosio’s two-way text messaging platform revolutionizes research by engaging study subjects via their personal mobile devices. Researchers can reach participants wherever they are, fostering real-time communication and participation. Substance abuse study participants don’t have to download any apps or software solutions; they only need a text message-capable device.

Pros for Head Researchers and Research Staff

  • Mosio streamlines substance use data collection through text-based surveys and questionnaires, reducing manual data entry and errors.

  • Lead researchers and teams can communicate with participants in real-time through “TextChat”, facilitating quicker responses and addressing concerns promptly.

  • Mosio’s text messaging platform engages addiction study participants, improving study compliance and data quality. For instance, the “Nudge” functionality helps automate daily tasks and reminders.

  • Mosio integrates with research databases, ensuring all data is centralized and easily accessible for analysis.

In line with HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines

Mosio is unwavering in its commitment to data security and compliance. We align with three key regulatory frameworks: HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11. This means that researchers can trust Mosio to safeguard sensitive health information (HIPAA), respect individual privacy rights (GDPR), and ensure data integrity in clinical research (21 CFR Part 11). 

With Mosio, your addiction research data remains secure, compliant, and in line with the highest standards, allowing you to focus on meaningful research outcomes.

Mosio adheres to a structured SDLC and Quality Policy. Additionally, Mosio is enthusiastic about signing a BAA and is fully prepared to demonstrate the exceptional reliability of our system.