Medication non-adherence is a big problem in healthcare and in clinical trials it can be devastating to a study, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. A 20%-30% non-adherence rate requires a 50% increase in clinical trial sample size to maintain equivalent statistical power.¹

Facing the challenge of losing trial participants to non-adherence, Mosio has designed a medication adherence text messaging solution to increase patient compliance in clinical trials.

Mosio not only helps keep trial participants on top of their medication schedule, but they also have an enhanced text message alert platform with medication instructions to keep participants well-informed on proper study treatment administration. Because Mosio understands patient behaviors, their award-winning design team is always focused on continuing to offer services like medication adherence alerts to improve participants’ likelihood for treatment success.

1. Smith, Dorothy PharmD, Patient Nonadherence in Clinical Trials: Could There Be a Link to Post Marketing Patient Safety?, Consumer Health Information Corporation, October 2011