Text Messaging for Helplines, Hotlines, and Crisis Centers

Offer assistance everywhere it's needed.

Text messaging provides the biggest opportunity to reach people on the mobile channel they prefer. Your clients/patrons can text with you the same way they communicate with friends and family, but do so anonymously.

Public service organizations use Mosio's secure, anonymous text messaging software so helpline support staff can use a computer to communicate live with individuals in need. Text message surveys are included with Mosio's TextChat service.

Helplines and Hotlines via Text Messaging

The Advantages of Mosio

  • Anonymous and confidential (no mobile numbers shown).
  • Reach more individuals and reduce phone call costs.
  • Increase helpline staff productivity.
  • No hardware to buy. No software to download.
  • Simple and accessible anywhere.
  • Discreet, private access (no talking necessary).
  • Collect feedback about your service with text message surveys.

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Wherever the Need

Whether your organization offers a general information helpline or a dedicated crisis hotline, Mosio provides a simple, yet comprehensive solution to seamlessly add text messaging to your support services.

Always On

Your staff respond live during regular hours, and automated responses can be scheduled by day of week and time of day to stay connected 24x7x365.

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Use Cases

  • Health Education Information Lines
  • STD, HIV/AIDS and Sex Education Services
  • Crisis and Intervention Hotlines
  • Teen and Family Services
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Pregnancy Planning and Assistance Services

Text messaging is a private, personal and reliable support services tool.

How it Works

People in need of support text questions from their mobile phones to your organization. Your information specialists respond via a website interface, providing real-time 2-way conversations. Visit the TextChat Page for more information.

Mosio is an easy-to-use messaging software with all of the features necessary to collaborate, customize and manage live and automated 2-way text messaging communications.

We offer a free, 14 day trial of the system so you can see it for yourself.

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