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University of Kentucky - College of Public Health

Mosio has set a new standard for service to researchers.

"Mosio has been an integral part of our success in our NIH-funded research project. The staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful in assisting with the week-to-week intricacies of handling our data needs. The turnaround time for for data request is excellent! Mosio has set a new standard for service to researchers with their ability to reach target populations through their mobile software. I recommend Mosio to my colleagues."
- Richard Crosby, DDI Endowed Professor, University of Kentucky College of Public Health

Southwest Airlines

Thank you!

"Wow the guys at Mosio might be the coolest I've ever worked with. Quick, friendly, smart..."
- Christi Day McNeill, Southwest Airlines

US Health Connect

Mosio has helped our company deliver healthcare information to those who need it most.

"The Mosio platform has aided our company in bridging communication gaps between physicians and patients. The platform has consistently delivered reliable messaging to our target audience on a weekly basis. We have also found the staff to be very responsive and reliable."
- Liz Howarth, U.S. Health Connect


Solving one of the biggest challenges in clinical research...

"Mosio is solving one of the biggest challenges in recruiting and retaining patients for trials, using their wealth of knowledge and experience in mobile to help researchers produce cost effective, successful outcomes."
- Victoria Dudas, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, UCSF School of Pharmacy

Southwest Airlines

THE only choice for using two-way texting...

"Mosio provided us with an outstanding platform allowing us to reach out to youth in an extremely reliable and consistent manner. The support from their sales, technical, and development teams has gone above and beyond any group that we've ever had the pleasure to work with. Put simply - Mosio is THE only choice for using two-way texting to reach out to your target population."
- Kennon Jackson, BrdsNBz National

Larimer County Public Health

Mosio is an excellent tool for health educators and health care providers!

"Mosio's analytics and tracking tools help us report and see the success of the service. We've found the service to be a very efficient way to reach potential clients in a way that is easy and makes them feel connected to our clinics before even walking through our doors."
- Kori Wilford, Health Educator, Larimer County Public Health


The Mosio team is extremely accessible, reliable, and consistent.

"We have had an incredible experience working with the Mosio team. They have turned our dream of spreading literacy education via cell phones into a reality. There has literally not been one project or request that they have not been able to accomplish. Not to mention the team is extremely accessible, reliable, and consistent."
- Danielle Miller, Project Manager, Cell-Ed

Hanley Wood Exhibitions

Mosio's platform is intuitive and easy to use...

"Mosio was able to deliver a solution to a specific business need for us - instant communication with our trade show attendees and exhibitors. Mosio's platform is intuitive and easy to use and their account management for us has been excellent. "
- Jeff Davis, Hanley Wood Exhibitions

Identigene - DNA Testing

Mosio made the set up process simple and the experience has been wonderful.

"Thank you so much for the time, effort, and amazing service. Mosio made the set up process simple, the experience we have had has been wonderful, and impressive. They have front lined the way we communicate with our mobile community and make it simple. The fast responses to questions we had along the way helped us build such an amazing partnership and look forward to continuing that relationship."
- Amber Shaw, Identigene (DNA Testing)

OneSeventeen Media

Mosio always comes through for us.

"Mosio provides an awesome mobile platform for our current clients. That is expected. What isn’t expected and where they are most valuable to us is being a solution partner. We have lots of ideas and many requests of Mosio’s time to help us strategize solutions and they always come through for us with new and better ways of creating the best solution for our prospects and clients."
- Beth Carls, CEO, OneSeventeen Media

American Academy of Physician Assistants

The initial setup was easy and quick. Truly the best technical support I have ever received.

"We particularly liked being able to alert attendees about last minute openings in popular meetings, which helped generate revenue! Mosio's texting service has become a standard for our annual conference."
- Ryan Schniederjan, Information & Technology Committee Chair, AAPA

US Remodelers

Mosio’s FieldForce has been great for us.

"It enables us to maintain regular contact with our sales associates without spending a lot of time tied up talking on the phone or returning calls. We get a lot of positive feedback from our team and our support staff is able to use the technology with no formal training."
- Tim Gross, Internet Manager, US Remodelers

American Library Association

Our conference attendees love it!

"Adding Mosio provided a benefit conference attendees, speakers and exhibitors to get the most out of their show experience by being able to get all the information they need while on the go."
- John Chrastka, ALA Director of Membership Development

ATA Retail

Very easy to set up and the Mosio Team is friendly, dependable and very responsive.

"Mosio offers a convenient and effective way for our merchandisers and managers to communicate when they are out in the field or in stores where there is a high noise level. It has proven to be an asset to our company in providing excellent service to our customers and employees."
- Sherrie Arnold, Customer Service / Recruiting Manager, ATA Retail Services

Performance Pricing

Mosio's FieldForce (workforce texting) gives reps more time to work on making sales.

“Communication is the most significant function within a sales department where process and efficiency improvements directly affect revenue. Mosio's FieldForce enables companies to improve rep correspondence and maintain high levels of customer service in a simple yet impactful way."
- Ari Rosenberg, CEO, Performance Pricing (Media Sales Consultancy)

KU Info, University of Kansas

Perfect for student information on campus.

"Mosio's service opens up a whole new world for us, giving us an easy-to-use component, increasing student access to KU Info."
- Curtis Marsh, KU Info Program Director, University of Kansas

Bay Area Red Sox Fans

Using Mosio we increased last minute ticket sales by sending a quick text message.

"Mosio’s solution made it super easy for us to send important info and promotional text messages to our event participants. No one needed to download anything on to his/her phone because everyone was a texter. Mosio was worth keeping beyond our event and is now a year round tool for us."
- Maria Lampasona, Founder, Bay Area Red Sox Fans

National PTA

Mosio's service was easier than I could have hoped for and their support is incredible.

"I Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks and gratitude for engaging our attendees in a new way through Mosio! The alerts, info center texting and polling during our general sessions were a huge hit and we are hoping to continue all three with even greater usage amongst our attendees next year. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support throughout the set-up process."
- Rebecca Burns, Director, Meetings & Conventions, National PTA

Fortify Communications

Finally, a simple mobile workforce communications solution that works on all phones.

"The Mosio team has the right experience and industry knowledge to back it’s next generation mobile software-as-a-service. FieldForce Mobile promises to deliver the critical management and integration solutions companies need to handle their mobile workforce communications.”
- Olav Strawe, CEO, Fortify Communications

Association of College and Research Libraries

You guys are blazing fast!

"Thanks again to you and the Mosio team for your work on our project. In particular, I really appreciated your quick turnaround time when we sent edits or updates to the conference schedule. Our attendees loved having the ability to create and access their personalized schedule from their phones during the conference. No need to carry around the program book when it’s all there in your phone!"
- Margot Conahan, Manager, Professional Development, Association of College and Research Libraries

McCann Erickson

I'll recommend you to every client looking in the mobile space.

"Mosio presented Microsoft the perfect opportunity to combine mobile, community and discovery in a social and interactive environment."
- Hunter Hoffman, Universal McCann

Attack! Event Staffing, Field Support, Guerrilla Services

Your technology rocks.

"Using Mosio has given us a new way to speak with our clients and consumers; one that is simple for them and effective for us!"
- Andrew Loos, Chief Experiential Officer, Attack! (Event Staffing, Field Support, Guerrilla Services)

East Baton Rouge Public Library

Mosio is a great solution for us!

"We wanted to provide a mobile service for a long time and couldn't find one that would work for us and was cost effective. The staff are really happy with the service. They enjoy using it and really appreciate having the means to reach patrons wherever they are."
- Emilie Smart, Head of Reference Services, East Baton Rouge Parish Library

US Remodelers

I really appreciate you calling me back so quickly. I NEED FieldForce for my job.

- US Remodelers Associate in the field.

South by Southwest Interactive Mobile Winner

Winner, Mobile Category.

- South by Southwest Interactive Web Awards 2008

Mobile Industry Review

Mosio makes it easy.

- Krystal London, Mobile Industry Review

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