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Text Messaging News: Virgin America encourages passenger flirting with seat-to-seat texting, Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That, Mobile customers using online self-service more satisfied

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Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That

Mental illnesses like anxiety can be hard to deal with- they can affect us all, but when walking past someone with such a mental illness, it’s very hard to spot in someone, and because of this many people don’t understand when someone may be depressed or suffering from anxiety. This can be a troublesome experience and can often leave you feeling along. Luckily, just like there is an app for many other things on this Earth, there is now an app for that. The app provides tips and hints for sufferers of anxiety to go with their day and to cope with the anxiety that they have to live with. It provides a source of help for people that may not have the courage to seek it within real individuals and could hopefully help out a lot of lives.

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Texas Urology Clinics Save Time with Vital Interaction

A new system in Texas allows doctors to easily send out texts and emails to patients whenever they may need to reschedule an appointment. This will help both doctors and patients to avoid missing out on appointments and to help them reschedule a time that is suitable for both of them as quickly as possible. It can be a pain waiting for a doctor when you need one, and this new system will lessen the workload for doctors and should allow them to better reschedule meetings with their patients.

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Mobile customers using online self-service more satisfied

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Virgin America encourages passenger flirting with seat-to-seat texting

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Mobile phones will help advertisers give consumers what they want, where they want it

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