Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently

Mosio for Events is used for audience Q&A at events, conferences, town halls, and meetings, enabling attendees to ask questions via text messaging from their mobile phones. We specialize in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and research industries, making our software perfect for your next health event.

More Engaging Event Experiences

No lines waiting for the mic, passing out of paper, raising hands or renting audience response clickers to encourage audience participation. Audience members text their questions, anonymously, from the comfort of their seats, using the mobile device they always have with them.

01. Engage

Encourage interactivity and questions from every audience member before, during and after your event.

02. Inspire

Incite questions, comments, and feedback from event attendees in real-time, at the point of experience.

03. Respond

Collect data, send alerts, and improve future event experiences for your attendees.

How Does it Work?

Leverage the power of next generation two-way text messaging to create more interactive and engaging events.

Encourage employees’ participation by asking questions and requesting attendees to give feedback, answer polls or even share photos by texting from their mobile phones. Via an easy-to-use, web-based platform, responses can be reviewed, organized and then displayed on a large projection screen or monitor. Presenters can then answer questions posed, comment on feedback or lead employees in a fun, interactive exercises.