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Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently.

Mosio Q&A Training Video: Quick Way to Setup Text to Screen for Events

This video shows how easy it is to setup text to screen for your event. You’ll learn how to: 1. Text a question into your Q&A System. 2. Launch the Presentation View (this is the browser you’ll project up onto the screen). 3. Select questions to project up onto the screen. 4. Update the Presentation…
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How Does Mosio Q&A Compare to Turning Point Technologies?

How Does Mosio Q&A Compare to Turning Point Technologies? The most successful conferences, meetings, and events are not only engaging but also interactive. In order to improve learning experiences for everyone, many people are investing in interactive software such as Turning Point Technologies and Mosio Q&A. Although Turning Point is a very popular option, especially…
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Is It an Effective Meeting if No One Asks a Question?

Issues & Solutions: How Text Software Helps to Increase Employee Participation Do you have an optimal level of staff participation at your company meetings? A recent conversation with a potential client had me considering the importance of constructive communication between staff and CEO. Unfortunately, these issues aren’t just limited to this potential client…Do any of…
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Mosio Custom Text-to-Screen Software Header Templates

Mosio’s text-to-screen software enables you to add a custom header for the look and feel of your event or brand. You’re free to make your own (1920 x 150 pixels) or use one of ours for ease of use. We recommend putting all relevant information, text, logos, etc in the middle of the image. This…
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3 Problems Text to Screen Software Will Solve

What does your ideal conference, seminar or meeting look like? You have put in the time and money to get the word out. The brochures look beautiful. All of the presenters are lined up and ready to go. You gaze out into the sea of faces, and delight in there not being an empty seat…
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Mosio for Events Video: Text Messaging for Audience Q&A | Text to Screen Software

Text Messaging for Audience Q&A | Text-to-Screen Software¬† The most successful events are both engaging and interactive, but getting information to and from attendees can be difficult. Alerting everyone of updates and changes in real-time can be next to impossible. And attendees asking questions in sessions via microphones or writing on paper is simply inefficient.…
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Text to Screen SMS Software – 4 ways to make mobile text messaging work better for you at your next conference or event

Photo Credit: Venues of Distinction

Text messaging remains one of the most used mobile technologies around. In fact, more people read text messages than emails which makes it a more effective way of communicating information. Text messaging provides an excellent way to send out updates and other important information quickly, and for this reason, many event organizers are turning to…
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