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Event Text Messaging | 6 Ways to Use SMS at Events, Conferences and Meetings

A few weeks ago I was at a conference in San Francisco, settling in for the keynote presentation, when the event host reminded everyone that there was a free Conference app they could download with information and other links, and that a screen would be showing the conference Twitter feed all day. I looked at…
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SMS Text Messaging is Key as Clinical Trials Patient Engagement Tool


At the start of this month, Eric Lazar, VP of Mobile CRM, wrote an article titled, “Why old-school SMS is still a powerful mobile marketing tool.”  In the article, he outlines the slight obsession that the general population has with mobile technology. Okay, make that a huge obsession. Lazar brings up nomophobia, a fear of…
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Text Messaging News: Beginning today, just text for train ticket, Aid Workers Turn to Text Messaging to Improve Food Aid Delivery to Refugees in the Western Sahara, Text Messaging Remains Vital to Businesses: Survey

Text messaging is always something many believe to be a private matter, and with a new system put in place by Watsonville police, crime-stoppers have managed to take advantage of that line of privacy. Text messages will go through a third party system and then arrive to any police officers on patrol. This new line…
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Text Messaging News: How to Improve Post-Sales Support through Mobile, Healthy heart a smartphone away, How smartphones are making customer care hi-tech


Smartphone apps automating customer care work with analytics, reducing workload on staff Because of the connectedness of smartphone technology, it becomes extremely easy to send, share and view files across large groups of people when everybody has a smartphone in their hand. Enterprises in India are taking advantage of this by offering statistics and information…
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Text Messaging News: Virgin America encourages passenger flirting with seat-to-seat texting, Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That, Mobile customers using online self-service more satisfied

Teenage girls using cell phones

Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That Mental illnesses like anxiety can be hard to deal with- they can affect us all, but when walking past someone with such a mental illness, it’s very hard to spot in someone, and because of this many people don’t understand when someone may be depressed or suffering from…
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Texting News: Texting preferences for mHealth, Text Messaging to Improve Teen Health, Payments by text message service

Texting preferences for mHealth are just another thing teenagers are picky about Read More Text Messaging to Improve Teen Health Read More New text message based customer loyalty reward program Read More Payments by text message service to launch in UK in spring 2014 Read More Customer’s text message stops robbery attempt Read More  …
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Text Messaging News Update: Texting Could Help Spread the Word on Teen Health, Customize Customer Service, Success of Text Message Diabetes Intervention

Texting Could Help Spread the Word on Teen Health Read More Miami Children’s Hospital Receives Award for Its Web-based Marketing of Texting Services Read More How Mobile Apps Can Customize Customer Service Read More There’s A Simple Way For Stores To Insantly Improve Customer Service Read More WSU researcher to evaluate success of text message…
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Text Messaging Bulletin: Health Dept to use SMS, Texts Can Help HIV Patients, Texting Snuffs out Smoking Addiction

Health dept to use SMS to improve effeciency Read More Kenya: Mobile Phone Texts Can Help HIV Patients Cut Viral Load Read More Text messages help parents stay on track for immunizations Read More Texting, mobile interference could help snuff out smoking addiction Read More Dealing with emotional difficulties with the help of texting Read…
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Mobile Newsbytes: Texting Increases Survey Truthfulness, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS, Consult a Doctor on a Smartphone

Texting Increases Survey Truthfulness, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS, Consult a Doctor on a Smartphone In this week of Mosio’s Mobile Newsbytes, we find out more about the growing popularity of mHealth from the viewpoint of doctors and patients, people taking surveys via text messaging are more likely to answer truthfully, skin cancer prevention via…
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Hospitality News: Tech Upgrades Increase Revenue, Restaurant Text Messaging Dos/Don’ts, Hotels and Tablets

Smaller Technology Upgrades Could Lead to Increased Hotel Revenue Hotels are accustomed nowadays to technological upgrades so as to increase revenue. A simple improvement in hotel service can increase their guest attendance such as by using Google Floor Plan Marker app. This simply helps users navigate their way around the building from board to guest…
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5 Tips for Sending Text Message Alerts, Reminders and Offers

There are as many stats on text messaging usage as there are text messages sent every day, so I won’t list any here. You know everyone is texting, now it’s time to figure out the right way to go about it. Text messaging is the perfect medium for delivering brief pieces of information, offers or…
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