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Interactive text messaging software enabling you to communicate, engage, and collect data more efficiently.

8 Ways to use Text Message Alerts and Announcements at Events

When it comes to effectively getting your message distributed and read by a large group at your event or conference, text messages knock the ball out of the park. Using text message alerts and announcements are the most effective way to reach the most people and be sure your is actually reaching the people you…
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Text Messaging News: Beginning today, just text for train ticket, Aid Workers Turn to Text Messaging to Improve Food Aid Delivery to Refugees in the Western Sahara, Text Messaging Remains Vital to Businesses: Survey

Text messaging is always something many believe to be a private matter, and with a new system put in place by Watsonville police, crime-stoppers have managed to take advantage of that line of privacy. Text messages will go through a third party system and then arrive to any police officers on patrol. This new line…
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Text Messaging News: Virgin America encourages passenger flirting with seat-to-seat texting, Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That, Mobile customers using online self-service more satisfied

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Have Anxiety? There’s an App for That Mental illnesses like anxiety can be hard to deal with- they can affect us all, but when walking past someone with such a mental illness, it’s very hard to spot in someone, and because of this many people don’t understand when someone may be depressed or suffering from…
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Hospitality News: More Hotels Embrace Free Wi-Fi in Lobbies, Speedy Check-In Lets Hotel Guests Bypass Front Desk, Make it Easy for Your Customers Holding the Phone

More Hotels Embrace Free Wi-Fi in Lobbies Read More Four Seasons Uses Mobile App to Bridge Communication Gap Between Guests and Staff Read More Mobile Engagement: Make it Easy for Your Customers Holding the Phone Read More Your Customers Are Texting, Why Aren’t You? 7 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Text Messaging to Drive Results…
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Hospitality News Byte: iPhone app for on-the-go hotel, Digital Technology a Major Asset to Restaurants, Hotel Boosts In-Room Revenue

iPhone app for on-the-go hotel market trends now available Read More Sam Mustafa: Digital Technology a Major Asset to Restaurants Read More Hotels are upping B2B cloud and B2C mobile transitions Read More South Florida hotels tap new or existing technologies to enhance guests’ experience Read More Hotel Boosts In-Room Revenue with Auto Minibars Read…
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