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Shift NC powers a wonderful “warm line” for teens and young adults via text messaging. From their website:

“The BrdsNBz North Carolina Text Line provides confidential, factually accurate answers to sexual health questions via text message. A young person simply texts a question, and a trained health educator responds within 24 hours.”

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OMG! Texting ups truthfulness, new study suggests

Study shows that people are more honest when they reply through text rather than answering a phone call. Researchers found that people who are less tensed tend to say the truth in texting because they are not in time-pressured situation which is most likely observed in phone interviews.

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How new technology is helping deliver sexual health services

Technology is seemingly becoming the new way of young generation in communicating with its peers. Mobile applications and other social networks allow teenagers to get results in a jiffy. As a result of this innovations, sex education can further be propagated to young people  conveniently by providing them advice and factual information.

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Text Messaging Helping to Keep People Healthy

Text Messaging proves to be an effective medium of delivering health service to a larger percentage of people. A good example is a successful vaccination program to those children whose parents earn a relatively small income.

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Texting Has Health Benefits (Take That Mom and Dad)

There are several advantages people can get through text messaging. A simple text of encouragement can help patients suffering from depression feel better about themselves. Texting provides information for pregnant women about better prenatal care. And also, it allows patients who were admitted for high level of alcohol to receive advice through text message on how to limit their drinking habit.

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Texting Dominates As Teens And Young Adults Make Fewer Phone Calls

Teens and Young Adults are now more into Texting than Calling. Study shows that the trend in younger generations nowadays is visiting social networking via their mobile and using more of their fingers in texting messages rather than just mere holding it for voice calls.

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Teen Stores Try Texts as Gr8 Nu Way to Reach Out

Texting has become the gateway of retailers in advertising their products to younger generation effectively. Marketing their items to young customers by mobile texting of pictures and video can increase their chances of getting known quickly.

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Tech trends: Mobile changes everything

Hotel establishments are in demand of mobile devices in increasing their guest attendance. Mobile technology can help promote innovations in amenities and services a hotel has to offer. It enables guest to engage in any applications the hotel provides in their own convenience.

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Reports: Mobile trends in travel technology

According to study, 58% of American consumers aging from 12- 64 have their own smartphone device which translate that they are becoming more mobile. This can pave way for travel technology to increase its sales and maybe sooner or later consumers will be booking travel via mobile as well.

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5 Text Messaging Tactics Restaurant Owners Can Use To Attract Customers

Restaurant found a new way in attracting customers through Text Messaging. The current way of enticing people to visit once restaurant is via text message marketing. There are 5 tips of doing it: text subscribers before meals to provide them options before dining, advertise specials online, surprise rewards to customers like free appetizers, instantly-redeemable coupons and lastly interact with subscribers to know their feedback about the food, service and ambience of the restaurant.

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Hospitality News Byte: New plan to pay hotel bills through the phone, The ‘Smart’ Trend in Hotels, A tablet for everything

A tablet for everything.

New plan to pay hotel bills through the phone

To help promote a cashless Kenya, hotels are planning to introduce a new system to allow hotel stayers to pay the hotel bills straight from their phone. This will help customers to enjoy the benefits of the hotel without forcing them to have cash in their pockets and will also help with fraud issues involving cash. Kenya has been chosen as a start point thanks to the countries quick adaption to new technologies, but plans have been made to move it out of Kenya and into other parts of Africa as well.

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Opportunities for the Hospitality Industry in Cloud Computing

By allowing hotels to share the cloud with one another, hotels will be able to do many things to help tighten their business practice when it comes to any computing involved within the hotel. By using the cloud, hotels will be able to make information accessible and allow for less costs spent on hardware because information can be accessed when needed from the cloud on any device. It will also allow for stronger, more tightened security helping to improve the safety of the business and the hotel’s employees.

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Hotel Revenues Soar over 35% with the Introduction of Hotel Revenue Management and Sales Distribution Channel Manager

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The ‘Smart’ Trend in Hotels

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A Revenue for everything

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8 Interesting Stats from IDC and Facebook’s “Always Connected” Report

IDC and Facebook’s New Research Report “Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged” is filled with good info-nuggets. We encourage you to read the 25 page report, but for those on the move, we’ve boiled it down for you. No pretty pictures or graphics below, but there are definitely some on the report, so check it out!

  • 25% of people surveyed cannot recall the last time their phone was not close them.
  • Today, half of the total US population uses smartphones.
  • In 2013, U.S. Smartphone Users is projected to be 181.4 Million which is 57.3% of the population.
  • Within the first 15 minutes of waking up, 4 out of 5 smartphone owners are checking their phones.
  • 79% of respondents have their phone on or near them for all but up to 2 hours of their waking day.
  • 49% of respondents feel connected when using text/message application on their Smartphones.
  • From Monday to Sunday, 84% of respondent’s time is spent on phone communicating via text, email, social vs. only 16% on phone calls.
  • Men are 75% more likely than women to seek out application on Facebook using their Smartphones.

We took a vote over here and it was closer 75% of us that could not recall the last time our phone was close by. I suppose we have “I need it for work” as an excuse, but still. 🙂

Hospitality News: Tech Upgrades Increase Revenue, Restaurant Text Messaging Dos/Don’ts, Hotels and Tablets


Smaller Technology Upgrades Could Lead to Increased Hotel Revenue

Hotels are accustomed nowadays to technological upgrades so as to increase their revenue. A simple improvement in hotel service can increase their guest attendance such as by using Google Floor Plan Marker app. This simply helps users navigate their way around the building from board to guest room and alike. Tech-savvy hotels are the trend in the industry since business travellers most likely will be using their mobile devices at hotels to look for special offers and other services available.

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Mobility technology: Aid to hotel revenue growth

Hotel’s technology corresponds to efficiency and revenue. These days, guests are looking for facilities that can help them stay connected to keep up with news, keep in touch with friends and family and perform several tasks at once.  Mobility technology helps hotels provide an excellent service to guests thus building a lasting loyalty to keep them coming back for more.

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Do’s and don’ts of text-message marketing for your restaurant

Text-message marketing is a good way of promoting restaurants because it produces higher percentage of offers being redeemed rather than e-mail marketing messages and direct-mail messages. In using this type of marketing, always keep in mind the do’s and don’ts so as to achieve a profitable return on investment in your restaurant.

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Market via Text Message in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant industry is now paying more attention to the prowess of the text message marketing. This is a great tool of promoting and advertising what restaurant have in store for their customer such as texting special promotion or just simply having a regular connection with them.

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Tech Trends: Hotels take advantage of tablet computers

Hotels are keeping up the pace with new technology like taking the advantage of tablet computers for customer service. This high-tech device allows for example guest to check rates on a tablet with a website that is meant to be touched rather than sites that are made for a mouse to navigate.

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Instant Gratification: Why Getting Texts from Your Favorite Companies Benefits You (and Why More Businesses Should)

We communicate differently than we did twenty years ago; or even ten years ago.

For 12-17 year olds, texting is the main form of communication; in fact, it’s more popular than face-to-face, phone calls and emails combined. The average American teen sends over 3,000 text messages a month. And, though 25-35 year olds make up a relatively small portion of the population, they are responsible for a large number of text messages sent in the US.

In short, texting is huge.

Many providers of goods and services have caught on to the trend and are now offering free coupons via text messaging services. If the trendy new frozen yogurt shop wants to get the word out, using a text messaging advertisement business may be their best bet.

Our cells are never far away and we check them even if we don’t suspect we’ve missed a call. Why? Maybe because we’re obsessed with our phones.

Consequently, text advertising makes tons of sense. Just as our communication habits have changed due to technology, marketing and advertising must also change to keep up with our latest tendencies. Text message advertising is a timely and effective form of advertising that’s especially suited for a generation that’s constantly on the go. The sooner a consumer hears about a deal, the sooner they can act on it, which drives immediate business and revenue.


Cell phone users send a six-character code to a business, which essentially tells them: “Hey, I love your frozen yogurt. Keep me updated on it!” Once the business receives the code, the sender can later receive alerts, announcements, promotions, links and coupons straight to their mobile device.

Consumers receive information straight to their phones without the hassle of email and computers or standard mail and postage rates. Advertising companies no longer have to spend crazy amounts of money.

The Results

Recent studies show that text advertising reaches a massive audience. Taking advantage of a free coupon via text doesn’t require a smartphone, installation of any apps or even Internet access. The only absolute requirement is a text-enabled phone – pretty much any phone on the market – and a standard text message plan.

Why More Businesses Should Text

Cell phone users value real-time advertisements and are more likely to act on an ad that implies a sense of urgency. You also target a specific audience, so if your business operates in a college town or if you sell products that are geared towards teens, texting is one of the best ways to get their immediate attention and keep them hooked.

Text advertising businesses also offer real-time event coverage. If your business is conducting a conference, fundraiser or gathering, keeping your attendees and outside consumers in the loop can be difficult to do without spending a lot of money. Text message marketing allows you to keep users updated, run a mobile conference website with an itinerary and stay in touch after the event.

This service is especially useful for smaller business that may not have a big budget for advertising. Pricing for these services is considerably cheaper than that of standard advertising methods. You also have the opportunity to reach your direct audience and only send information to people who ask to receive it. Your advertisements, then, will never fall on the wrong people, arrive unwelcomed or go unnoticed. Talk about bang for your buck!

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